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Top 8 best actresses in Brazilian TV shows: then and now

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 28th November 2019

Today marks the 46th anniversary of the actress Leticia Spiller, who starred in such famous TV shows as “Mistress of Fate”, “Save Me, St. George”, “Taste of Passion”, “In the World of Women”. We decided to nostalgic and recall the most popular actresses of Brazilian serial films and their main roles. And we will unveil the veil of secrets and see what they are doing these days.

Leticia Spiller / role of Vivian Fontes

The series “Mistress of Fate” was released in 2004-2005 and told the story of one mother who raised four sons and one daughter, but the daughter was abducted from her in infancy, and later the mother met her matured daughter. Leticia Spiller plays here not the daughter of the main character, she got the role of the fatal woman – assistant and lover (and later wife) of the deputy Reginaldo.

letisia spiller.jpg

Leticia continues to act in films, as well as for the covers of glossy magazines – because she is in great shape. The actress repeatedly shared the secrets of her harmony and youth in an interview. She loves dancing, and also resorted to minimal changes due to plastic surgery. Leticia removed the bags under her eyes and performed mammoplasty after childbirth.

letisia spiller2.jpg

Gloria Pires / the role of Nisi Noronha

The series "Cruel Angel" was released in 1997, this is the second version of the black and white series in 1976. Gloria Pires got the main role of Nisi – a fatal woman who, for the sake of her goals, walks over her head and tries to get the attention of her chosen one at all costs.

gloria pires.jpg

Now Gloria Pires is 55 years old, and she does not look at her age. The actress appeared in famous serial films: "Tender Poison", "Woman's Desires", "Babylon". In addition, the actress launches her clothing line, owns several restaurants (Fat Pires Burger) and a football club (Rio de Janeiro Angels). She has four children: daughters Cleo, Anthony, Ana and son Bento.

Carolina Dickman / Camilla

The series "Family Ties" was shown on television for the first time in 2000. The main role was played by Vera Fisher, who took part in the filming of the series "Clone", and Carolina played the role of her daughter Camilla. Helen (Vera Fisher) is a cosmetologist who raises two daughters, but, having an accident in a car, she meets handsome Ed. After that, a love triangle is tied: Helen meets Ed, and Camille's daughter also laid eyes on the guy.


Carolina Dickman has been working as a model since she was 13, also known for her role in the TV series Tropicanka. She has a son, Jose, from her second marriage with Thiago Workman.

Gloria Menezes / the role of Marta Leme Toledo

The series "Tower of Babel" was released in 1998. At first, he had low ratings, since the audience did not like a couple of gay women and a drug addict who received a lot of attention in the film. But after the plot, he turned to the side that the criminal, serving 20 years in prison for the murder of his wife, organized a terrorist attack – the explosion of a shopping center. Gloria Menezes plays the role of the wife of the owner of the same shopping center. At the time of filming, she was 63 years old.

n gloria meneses.png

Gloria Menezes starred in a huge number of films and a series of domestic production, including “Mistress of Fate”, “Favorite”, “New Victim”. The first time she jumped out at the age of 17 to her distant cousin Arnald Brit and gave birth to two children – Maria Amelia and Joan Paulo. The second time she married only in 1978, in this marriage she had a son, Tarsisio Filio.

Luselia Santos / role of Isaura dos Santos

The first episodes of the sensational series “Slave Izaura” were released in October 1976. In Russia, this Brazilian series was very fond of viewers in the 1990s. Many worried about the main character. The plot touched on an important topic: the cruelty of the slave system. Since events take place in the 19th century, the theme of the abolition of slavery in it only rose.

luselia santos.jpg

Luselia Santos became an actress from the age of 14, starting with Don Quixote in the theater. But not one of her roles after “The Slave of Izaura” was remembered as much by the audience. Now Luselia adheres to the religion of Buddhism, for many years she is a vegetarian. Her son is actor Pedro Neschling.

Susan Vieira / role of Anna Carvalho

The series "New Victim", released in 1995, in the storyline described not only love stories, but also detective lines based on "Ten Little Indians" by Agatha Christie. What intrigued the audience. Susan plays the role of the protagonist's mistress, who for many years has been “twisting” an affair with a married man and even gave birth to children from him.

Suzanne Vieira.jpg

Susana Vieira was born in São Paulo in a family of diplomats, received a good education and was seriously engaged in ballet. In 1952 she made her television debut, and in her career starred in more than 50 series. She was married three times, she has a son Rodrigue from her first marriage. The third husband was 28 years younger than the actress, but died from drug abuse.

Regina Duarte / role of Helena Vianu

The series "In the Name of Love" was first released in 1997. According to the plot, the character of Regina Duarte – Elena – made a great sacrifice: secretly replaced the dead newborn child of her daughter with her own. By the way, the screen daughter and mother in reality are also a mother and daughter.

regina duarte.jpg

Regina Duarte starred in many TV shows in romantic roles. She also performed in the theater. Now she is in politics. From a marriage with engineer Marcus Franco, she has a son, Andre, and a daughter, Gabriela, who also became an actress.

in the name of love.jpg

Ana Paula Arosio / role of Juliana Esplendore

The series "Land of Love" was released in 1999, although it was shown in Russia in the early 2000s. It tells the period of the late 19th century when slavery was abolished in Brazil and crowds of Italian poor families migrated to this country. The main characters Julian and Matteo meet on the ship on the way to Brazil, fall in love, Juliana becomes pregnant, but upon arrival on the American continent, fate parted them.

Ana Paulo Aroziu.jpg

Ana Paula Arosio is also a rather famous actress, and not only in her homeland. She starred in many TV shows and films, although she began her career as a model. Now she is 43, she looks amazing, but has not yet been removed, because she wants to take a break from the crazy rhythm of life.

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