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The strangest royal family habits

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 28th November 2019

Each person has his own quirks, which may seem strange from the outside, but, in fact, they represent harmless wishes in everyday life, food, and so on. The British royal family also has its own traditions, or simply preferences, which they invariably follow.

Prince Charles has kept pieces of cloth from his costumes for over 30 years

For many years, the 71-year-old heir to the throne has remained faithful to Anderson & Sheppard, which sews costumes for him. And tailors have a rule: keep the remnants of fabrics from the costumes of Prince Charles. The fact is that the prince does not like squandering and does not throw out clothes if she has slightly worn out – after all, with the help of cloth patches, any suit can be repaired. For example, at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, Markle Charles donned a gray morning suit, which was sewn for him back in 1984.


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Queen Elizabeth II uses the same nail polish

Queen Elizabeth II has also been using the same Essie nail polish for decades, the shade is called Ballet Slippers (ballet shoes). This pale pink color, close to the natural color of the nail, gives the hands a well-groomed look and does not look vulgar. One bottle of such varnish cost about $ 9. By the way, the queen is slowly accustoming the duchess to this varnish.

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Only seasonal fruits, vegetables or berries

According to the chef of Buckingham Palace, the queen and her family eat fairly standard foods. Queen Elizabeth does not eat pasta and potatoes, but she loves zucchini and any other seasonal vegetables and fruits in combination with fish or meat. The royal menu is quite traditional and healthy, and they know for sure that in winter there is no use in strawberries. British royal chefs prefer environmentally friendly, locally grown foods.

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The queen has an official supplier of underwear

If not for the scandal of 2017, no one would have known about this. Rigby & Peller was the sole manufacturer of underwear for the British royal family. However, a couple of years ago, June Kenton, the founder of the company, released a memoir, Storm in a D-Cup, in which she described her professional development. This edition mentioned stories about the royal family, how they were measured. It seemed insulting to Queen Elizabeth II, and she stopped working with Rigby & Peller.

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In Britain rehearsing a royal funeral

In 2018, for example, in the UK, ministers rehearsed their actions in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The rehearsal was code-named "Palace Pigeon." The Queen, of course, is aware of this, because everything should be prepared in advance. It is already known that in the event of her death, national mourning will last 10 days.

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Santa Claus delivers gifts to the palace earlier than other residents of the UK

Despite the Russian tradition of putting gifts under the Christmas tree on January 1, in the UK they exchange surprises on December 26. This day is called Boxing Day, when both children and adults receive gifts from Santa. But the Windsor remember their German roots and follow the German tradition of congratulating each other on Christmas Eve, during a 5-hour tea party.

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Elizabeth II gives secret signs to assistants using her purses

If you pay attention to the numerous photos of Elizabeth II, you will notice that she does not part with her handbag, and most often this is the same model in black. The Queen wears her invariably on the elbow of a bent left hand. However, sometimes you may notice that Queen Elizabeth puts the bag in her other hand. This may mean that the queen is looking for a reason to end the conversation and sends a signal to the servant to be called to the side under a plausible pretext.

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles Stroking Shoelaces

Everyone, as they say, has their own whims, and Prince Charles is no exception. He likes it when ironed laces are slipped into shoes. The prince has three assistants who are engaged in his wardrobe. And ironing the shoelaces is their responsibility.

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The piper wakes the queen every morning

This tradition dates back to the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth – Queen Victoria. Since Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, at exactly 9 in the morning she wakes up to the sound of a bagpipe, which lasts exactly 15 minutes. You can check the clock on them. Moreover, the musicians playing for her are periodically replaced due to various circumstances.

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