The series "Do not be born beautiful": actors 15 years later


In September 2005, television began showing the series about a career and the search for personal happiness of a girl – “blue stocking”. Katya Pushkareva became the Russian version of Betty the ugly. The series was warmly received by the audience, possibly due to the good cast and adaptation to domestic realities. But what happened to the cast after 15 years? We decided to find out about it and share with you.

Katya Pushkareva (actress Nelly Uvarova)

At that moment, when Nelly Uvarova began to play the role of Katya Pushkareva, she performed at the RAMT Theater (where she continues to work). While her character was suffering from unrequited love, the actress herself married Sergei Pikalov, with whom they were familiar even from work in the theater. But three years later, the couple broke up. In 2011, Nelly Uvarova again married Alexander Grishin and gave birth to two children. Now she has changed outwardly: she has short hair and excess weight, but the actress looks happy.

Nelly Uvarova.jpg

Andrey Zhdanov (actor Grigory Antipenko)

The character Andrei Zhdanov turned out to be the director Katya Pushkareva, who later twisted an affair with his assistant to save the company. In reality, during the filming of the series, Grigory Antipenko had a serious relationship with another actress – Julia Takshina, who played the role of secretary Vicki, whom Zhdanov did not like. The actor makes films, but most of his life is occupied by the Vakhtangov Theater. He also voiced Flynn Ryder in the animated film Rapunzel: A Tangled Story. In 2012, Antipenko broke up with Julia Takshina, they had two sons in a marriage. Gregory is a large father, he has four children from several marriages.

Gigory Antipenko.jpg

Victoria Klochkova (actress Julia Takshina)

Secretary Victoria Klochkova was, one might say, the enemy of Katya Pushkareva, as both fought for the title of personal assistant Andrei Zhdanov. Only Vika was the beautiful, but stupid face of the company, and Katya was the brain, but of an unappealing appearance. You could also see Yulia Takshina in the TV series “Kitchen” as one of Viktor Barinov's ex-wives. The actress is currently single.

Julia Takshina.jpg

Roman Malinovsky (actor Peter Krasilov)

The best friend and deputy of Andrei Zhdanov, a ladies man and an unprincipled man, beat Zhdanov on a fraud and became the initiator of the idea of ​​seduction Katya Pushkareva. Pyotr Krasilov is also an actor of the RAMT theater; he began his television career with the role of Peter Repnin in the series “Poor Nastya”. The actor in his youth met with Ekaterina Klimova, was twice married. Now he is divorced, he has two children – a daughter and a son.

Peter Krasilov.jpg

Kira Voropaeva (actress Olga Lomonosova)

The bride of Andrei Zhdanov, who harasses him with her jealousy (though not in vain), only at the end of the series will be able to let go of her disinterested groom and live on. Olga Lomonosova also starred in many films, in addition to the series "Do not be born beautiful." She also played in several theaters (of her latest works – Platonov at the Estrada Theater). The actress is married a second time, she has two daughters and a son.

Olga Lomonosova.jpg

Nikolai Zorkin (actor Artyom Semakin)

Faithful friend Katya Pushkareva always helped her out and was dedicated to all her secrets. You probably haven’t seen actor Artem Semakin anywhere except for the series “Don't Be Born Beautiful”. However, he starred in the series "Simple Truths", the films "Down House", "Star", "Last Weekend", "Crew". Artyom was married twice, his second wife was Maria Mashkova, whom they met during the filming of "Do Not Be Born Beautiful." But the couple divorced due to the treason of Artem. Now the actor is hiding his personal life and does not lead an active life in social networks.

Artem Semakin.jpg

Maria Tropinkina (actress Maria Mashkova)

The receptionist at Zimaletto later became the personal secretary of President Ekaterina Pushkareva. She became Katya's girlfriend from the very beginning of the series, met with courier Fedor Korotkov (played by Viktor Dobronravov). The daughter of the famous actor and director Vladimir Mashkov starred in many works: "The Hunt for the Gauleiter", "The Light from the Other World", "Black Mark". The first marriage of Maria was concluded with Artem Semakin, the second marriage – with Alexander Slobodyanik Jr., they have two daughters.

Maria Mashkova.jpg

Alexander Voropaev (actor Ilya Lyubimov)

Kira’s brother (Andrei Zhdanov’s bride) is dreaming of taking over the company and therefore constantly spies on the president of Zimaletto. Ilya Lyubimov perfectly turned out to be an unpleasant type. The actor starred in many famous works, such as "Citizen Chief", "Casus Kukotsky", "Ship", "Hotel" Eleon "." Ilya is married to Ekaterina Vilkova, they are often removed together. The couple has two children.

Ilya Lyubimov.jpg

Mikhail Borshchov (actor Andrei Kuzichev)

The role of the restaurateur, who was in love with Katya Pushkareva and wanted to marry her, was played by Andrei Kuzicheva. you could see him in the TV series Lines of Fate, Paradise Birds, and Lyudmila Gurchenko. Andrei was married to actress Victoria Tolstoganova, he has a daughter, Varvara and a son, Fedor.

Andrey Kuzichev.jpg

Tatyana Poncheva (actress Julia Kuvarzina)

A full-time employee of the personnel department, who also became a companion of Katya Pushkareva, was played by the star of another popular series “Voroniny” – Julia Kuvarzina. Many remember her as an actress with curvaceous forms, but over the past couple of years, Julia has noticeably lost weight to improve her health and expand the range of roles. The actress has a daughter Lisa from marriage with actor Alexei Aptovtsev.

Julia Kuvarzina.jpg

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