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The new generation: young artists who are strikingly similar to famous celebrities

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 14th August 2019

On Youth Day, we decided to pick up for you young actors and actresses who, in appearance, facial expressions or manner of playing, are strikingly similar to their senior colleagues in the workshop. Who knows, maybe a worthy replacement has grown before our eyes?

Konstantin Khabensky / Ivan Stebunov

A popular Russian actor and a man with a wide soul, Konstantin Khabensky became famous after the film “Night Watch”, although many remember him in the series “Deadly Force”. In this series, the actor was so young, and many girls liked it. His double, Ivan Stebunov, is similar to Khabensky at the age of 30. His debut took place in the film "Edelweiss Pirates" in 2001. The actor received fame after the paintings "Cadets" and "Last Weekend".


El Fanning / Carey Mulligan

Tender white-skinned El Fanning plays romantic girls. Even on the red carpet, she appears in delicate, not vulgar dresses. Carey Mulligan has about the same type, in some shots El is so similar to Carey, which suggests – are they sisters? Mulligan also often starred in historical films, where she dresses up in dresses of various eras – from the noisy 1920s in The Great Gatsby to the character in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Fanning - Mulligan.jpg

Tamzin Merchant / Claire Danes

Tamzin Merchant is an actress who plays mainly in historical or fantasy films. Her roles include: Darcy's younger sister in Pride and Prejudice, Mary Rivers in Jen Air, Ron in Dragon Heart 3 and Dragon Heart 4.
Claire Danes is a fragile blonde who celebrated her 40th birthday in spring. She is known for such films as Romeo + Juliet, Stardust, Terminator 3, Les Miserables.

tamsin - claire.jpg

Sarah Highland / Mila Kunis

Sarah, in her 28s, starred in many films and series, including Law and Order, Audrey Hepburn Story, American Family, and Vampire Academy. The girl is strikingly similar to Mila Kunis, she has the same big eyes and a deep look. True, the girl had serious health problems, she had a kidney transplant twice.
Mila Kunis has long been known for her work in the cinema, she played Amy in "Very Bad Mommies", Jupiter Jones in "Climbing Jupiter", Theodora in "Oz the Great and Terrible," a black swan in the picture of the same name with Natalie Portman.

sara - mila.jpg

Lily Sobeski / Helen Hunt

American actress of Jewish descent in more than 50 films, and continues to act in films. Among her works are the series Hercules, Eyes Wide Shut, and Joan of Arc. Helen Hunt has the same hair color, smile and “signature” squint. By the age of 56, Helen starred in the films “What Women Want”, “Doctor“ T ”and His Women”, “Pay Another”, “Outcast”, which the audience liked.


Mackenzie Foy / Anna Popplewell

The 18-year-old actress and model Mackenzie Foy made her debut on the TV series Happily and Happily, became famous after Renesme's role in Twilight, and also played young Murph in Interstellar and the princess in The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms. As a model, she collaborates with Garnet Hill, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess Kids and other advertising companies.
Anna Popplewell is an English actress who played Susan Pavensi in The Chronicles of Narnia. The debut of the actress took place in the movie "Mansfield Park." Anna also tried herself in the role of model, but now she is not filming anywhere.

mackenzie - anna.jpg

Natalya Medvedeva / Natalya Koroleva

Natalia Medvedeva and Natalya Koroleva not only have a similar appearance, but also have the same names. Both in their roles are pretty open and cheerful girls. True, Koroleva is a well-known singer and gives concerts, and Medvedev began with a comedian career in Comedy Women, now she acts in films, commercials, plays in the theater and sometimes acts as a TV presenter. Natalya Koroleva recently celebrated her 46th birthday, in addition to her musical career, she also starred in films.

Medvedev - Queen.jpg

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