The most expensive wedding rings of stars


We have often observed masterpieces of jewelry in the cinema and even wrote about it here, but in real life, well-known personalities also do not spare money on jewelry for their beloved. But is it worth stinting on an engagement or engagement ring if the favor of the beautiful lady will depend on it?

Mariah Kerry

Cost: $ 10,000,000
Despite the fact that the singer never married the billionaire James Packer, she still left herself a ring with a 35-carat diamond worth $ 10 million. Moreover, after a couple of years, she sold it, but four times cheaper than it cost Packer.

Mariah Carey.jpg

Victoria Beckham

Cost: £ 9,000,000
David Beckham proposed to his sweetheart in 1998 by giving her a Marquise 3-carat diamond ring worth about $ 100,000. However, since then Victoria has formed a whole collection of wedding rings – at the moment there are 14 of them! Almost every year, the spouse gives her a new option. Among them are a ring with an emerald-cut diamond, a 10-carat pink oval stone, a pear-shaped 17-carat diamond, and emeralds and rubies. The total value of the collection is estimated at 9,000,000 pounds.

Victoria Beckham.jpg

Kim Kardashian

Cost: $ 8,000,000
Ring Kim Kardashian is the first in our ranking of the most expensive wedding rings. It is adorned with a 15 carat diamond from Lorraine Schwartz. On the wedding anniversary, Kanye gave his wife an even larger ring – with a rare tiger diamond of 20 carats. However, in 2016, the ring was stolen from Kim. But recently, something similar began to be noticed on her finger: perhaps the star ordered herself a copy.

Kim Kardashian.jpg


Cost: $ 5,000,000
The engagement of Beyoncé and Jay Z took place in 2007, and the singer was presented with an exclusive wedding ring, the cost of which is estimated at $ 5 million! The ring is made of platinum with an 18-carat diamond. However, she usually wears a copy of it for $ 5,000.


Jennifer Lopez

Cost: $ 4,500,000
Last year, the famous singer and basketball player posted a photo on social networks where Alex Rodriguez makes an offer to Jay Lo. The engagement ring was a masterpiece for $ 4.5 million with an emerald-cut diamond.

Jennifer Lopez.jpg

Melania Trump

Cost: $ 3,000,000
Melania Trump's ring finger also adorns a beautiful 12-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. The Graff brand ring is estimated by experts at $ 3 million, but Trump paid only half the price for it – a true entrepreneur! On the 10th wedding anniversary, Melania received as a gift a ring with an even larger stone – 25 carats, which made a lot of noise. One can only guess its value.

Melania Trump.jpg

Blake Lively

Cost: $ 2,500,000
One of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood recently became parents for the third time, and their family life began with a beautiful proposal and an engagement ring. The ring that Ryan Reynolds presented to his future wife is adorned with a pink oval diamond from the jewelry brand Lorraine Schwartz. The ring is elegant and tasteful, but Blake flaunts infrequently on his hand.

Blake Lively.jpg

Jennifer Aniston

Cost: $ 1,000,000
In 2012, when Justin Theroux made a proposal to Jennifer Aniston, he presented her with an 8-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. He developed the design together with his friend, the jeweler Jennifer Meyer. As a result, an ornament worth $ 1 million came out. In 2015, the couple got married, but in 2018 they broke up.

Jennifer Aniston.jpg

Katherine Zeta-Jones

Cost: $ 1,000,000
The ring, which was presented by Michael Douglas to his future wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, was created by the famous jeweler Fred Leighton in 1920. Vintage beauty is the central stone of 10 carats in the style of "marquise", surrounded by small diamonds.

Catherine Zeta-Jones.jpg

Amal Clooney

Cost: $ 750,000
George Clooney did not stint on the wedding ring for his wife. He presented Amal a masterpiece with a 7-carat diamond, but later she told her husband that the ring was too striking to others and put her in embarrassing situations in the negotiations. Therefore, for everyday wear, she was ordered another ring, decorated with smaller diamonds.

Amal Clooney.jpg

Lady Gaga

Cost: $ 500,000
Although the cost of the ring is low compared to other positions in our rating, we decided to mention it because of the memorable design. Taylor Kinney presented it to Lady Gaga on February 14, 2015. Designer ring Lorraine Schwartz made a ring from a 6-carat diamond, giving it a heart shape. It was also decorated with the initials of lovers “T + S” (Stephanie is the singer’s real name). True, a year later the couple broke up.

Lady Gaga.jpg

Kate Middleton

Cost: £ 28,000
A large sapphire ring flaunts on Kate Middleton’s hand, and his story is very interesting. This engagement ring used to belong to Princess Diana. When Diana Spencer was about to get married, she was given the opportunity to choose one of several options. And the future mother of William and Harry opted for a ring with a large blue stone surrounded by small diamonds, not the most expensive option, by the way. The cost of this piece of jewelry was 28 thousand pounds. Kate really values ​​this heirloom. Now the ring is estimated at $ 500,000.

Kate Middleton.jpg

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