Tattoos and piercings: 7 informal children of celebrities


Their parents are very famous for their talent, they are always in sight. But they are trying to hide something from us. More precisely, they are ashamed or simply do not like to talk about their children, because the offspring are very unlike their parents. They look too non-standard and shock others. So who are they?

The son of Elena Yakovleva

Denis Shalnykh was born on November 7, 1992. Growing up in an acting family, a boy from childhood dreamed of becoming an artist. He starred in the mini-series “If Camping Tomorrow” (2004), the film “The Secret of the Wolf's Maw” (2004). Denis was fond of swimming and aikido.

Elena Yakovleva.jpg

He studied at a prestigious Oxford school in the UK. But he didn’t finish his studies, dropped out of his studies in the third year. But the guy got carried away with tattoos and piercings very much, to fanaticism. Once he was involved in an episode of the series Sklifosovsky, but Denis does not earn his living by acting. Recently, they say, he works as a stylist in the barber shop “Brown”.

At first, parents took their son’s informal look heavily, but later they took his hobby and began to upload joint photos on the Web.

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Daughter of Larisa Guzeeva

The daughter of the famous presenter was born on March 28, 2000. Now she is 19 years old, and she has turned into a fatal beauty. But more recently, the daughter of Larisa Guzeeva looked different.

In childhood, the girl grew up with her grandmother, since her mother was constantly busy on the set. Perhaps in order to attract attention, or maybe the rebellious spirit of the mother made itself felt, the girl was fond of informal style in her image and clothes. In 2016, after graduating from school, Olga did not want to go to college.

Larisa Guzeeva 2.jpg

In an attempt to brighten up, Larisa told her daughter that she herself loved a defiant makeup in her youth.

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The oldest son of Evelina Bledans

Nikolai was born on July 5, 1994, married to Israeli businessman Dmitry. Evelina did not deal with her son much, because after giving birth she spent all her time on the set of “Mask Show”. Later, after a divorce from her husband in 2010, her son Nikolai stopped communicating with his mother. He lives with his father in Israel.

In 2013, Evelina tried to establish relations with her eldest son and went to Israel to take the oath to him, since the boy is serving in the army. Evelina Bledans still rarely sees her son Nikolai, and the boy, meanwhile, fell in love with the informal style.

Evelina Bledans.jpg

The son of singer Natalia Senchukova

Vasily Rybin was born on February 12, 1999. From a cute boy, the guy turned into a brutal guy with tattoos. In one of her posts, Senchukova said that her son Viktor Rybin became a rock musician. So his style is fully consistent with the nature of the activity. Now Vasily is studying at the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography as a director of theater performances.

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The eldest daughter of Mikhail Efremov

Anna Maria was born on October 14, 2000. The eldest daughter of artist Mikhail Efremov and actress Ksenia Kachalina said that she maintains communication with her mother and father, but her governess cared and raised her. Mother and father divorced, and the daughter first lived with her mother in Goa, but later Ksenia Kachalina returned to Russia. Arranging their personal lives, parents devoted little time to Anna-Maria. A couple of years ago, a girl in social networks admitted that she was gay.

Anna-Maria Efremova.jpg

The eldest son of actor Alexander Polovtsev

Stepan was born on August 18, 1991, he is also an actor, starred in "Street of Broken Lights" and some other films, also plays in a rock band. In July 2017, the guy married his girlfriend Daria. Even their wedding photo looks very informal. By the way, Stepan did not invite his father to his wedding.

Stepan Polovtsy

The son of Nicholas Cage

Born December 26, 1990, he was named Weston. His father took part in his life only the first few years, because the actor broke up with West's mother, actress Christina Falton. After that, he was married three times.

In the third marriage, Cage had a son, Kal-El.

Weston Cage 2.jpg

In narrow circles, Weston known as Arcane, he plays in the band Eyes of Noctum, which performs music in the style of black metal. Recently, the guy got married, and it is worth noting that now he does not look so intimidating.

Weston Cage.jpg

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