Situations from films that almost never happen in life


Romantic and light films were created in order to entertain the viewer and give him the desired good ending. But sometimes similar cliches pass from one movie to another and begin to seem like an imposed stereotype. And then the thought arises: “Would this device work in life?”

Yellow taxi caught on the street

In the series Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw often drove a yellow taxi around New York. Moreover, she caught him at the exit from the cafe, and the driver, of course, was ready to take her anywhere. In fact, there are not so many yellow taxis in New York – this is mainly Manhattan's privilege. In addition, it is not so easy to catch a car on the street, it is much more reliable to order it in advance through the dispatcher or application. Of course, Uber did not exist at the time of the Carrie Bradshaw series, but going to the taxi every day would be too expensive for the column editor. In fact, residents of this metropolis more often use the metro.
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Magical transformation

There are many films about the transformation of the ugly girl into a beauty (we made a whole list here). And in each such film, the gray mouse just instantly becomes a beauty, and all you need to do is remove glasses, braces and eyelashes. No dentists, plastic surgeons, fashionable stains and eyelash extensions. In fact, in a romantic comedy of a similar plan, beautiful girls are initially taken. For example, in the film “This Is It All” it is generally difficult to believe that you are a ugly girl, because glasses do not mean that their owner is a loser.
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Love arising on an argument

How many interesting love stories were filmed based on the fact that he or she began to act on an argument or for fun! The game of love in the film looks exciting. At first they are together for the sake of profit or pretense in front of their parents, and literally in one weekend they understand that they cannot live without each other. Can such a thing be imagined in real life? Between couples in love, couples can arise a cold, and love itself, on the basis of being in the same room for two days, is unlikely to arise.
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You can not dress according to the weather

In romantic films, adult women will never dress according to the weather. Take, for example, the plot of "Frozen from Miami" – you might think that the main character could not see the weather report in the north of the country. As a result, they freeze, get wet in the rain, but there is always a guy or kind passers-by who will ride on a car or share a jacket. In the life of such sympathetic people, one still needs to search, but the probability of getting pneumonia is much higher.
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Forever, everyone understands it wrong, but they don’t ask directly

Probably, such misunderstandings are needed to create a conflict that is absent in the film or to advance the plot further. But in the end it turns out as if the characters are not able to sit down and discuss painful problems, but chew them silently, fanning the elephant out of the flies. Few of the girls will throw a tantrum to their young man due to the fact that a taxi driver woman drove him. Although, perhaps you have a couple of such friends.
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Instead of pajamas – men's shirt

If you spent the night for the first time at a man, then the shirt may turn out to be the most convenient outfit, because it covers everything you need. But if you think about what kind of shirt in the film the helpful gentleman gave his girlfriend? The one that wore yesterday? A dubious subject in order to sleep in it. Yes, and it’s a pity to stain a snow-white shirt during breakfast. Most likely, it will be a T-shirt.
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Eat ice cream when it's sad

If a guy left or fired from work, the main thing is to take a container of ice cream and eat it alone. In reality, this threatens hypothermia or extra pounds at the waist, especially if abused in this way. And certainly you should not drink your grief with alcohol.
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A woman sacrifices everything for a man

In films, often a female character, as soon as she succeeds in a career that has been going for years, throws everything for love. It seems that love for women is the primary goal. Even if this is so (the writers do not allow the idea that there are careerists), in the cinema guys are not always like those very beautiful princes, for the sake of which everything is worth giving up. And then these women become the heroines of the series “Desperate Housewives.”

When a heart is broken, there is a friend in love nearby

You can recall more than one film where this stereotype works. If a bad guy breaks a girl’s heart, betrays her, then there will certainly be a proven and reliable option at hand. An amazing combination of circumstances! For the time being, the girl did not notice the love of her school friend, he managed not to blink for 15 years, patiently waited for the passion to be disappointed in love, but at the same time a desperate girl suddenly decides that a faithful friend is a good option. In reality, there is practically no way out of the friend zone. If a woman loves cute womanizer, then she will pay attention to them.
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Beautiful gestures save relationships

In the romantic comedy “Say Something,” John Cusack's character in love runs beautifully around the airport, pushing the guards, and includes a romantic and touching song on the tape recorder. An ordinary girl, if she melts from such a gesture, can regret very much afterwards, because if a young man is not the most reliable person, a couple of beautiful phrases will not change him.
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Never give up and she will melt

In films, a persistent guy always gets his own: a woman falls in love with him sooner or later. It is only necessary to disturb her private space a couple of times, to fall asleep with flowers for home delivery, wait until her current boyfriend is sent away and so on. Now imagine how toxic such behavior seems and how difficult it is to build relationships with such a man. About how to recognize a toxic person, we wrote here.
Nowadays, for the pursuit of man appeared its designation – "stalking." And there is nothing good about it. And there are not so many men in reality who can be persistent if the woman was not in the spirit and refused to meet.
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To bed only for love

Many romantic films do not even allow the idea that sex and rare meetings with partners can be for pleasure, but not for a serious relationship. Usually, two extremes are shown in the movies: a man and a woman meet for a long time before moving on to sex, or, on the contrary, wake up drunk together, but then feelings flash between them. Accordingly, the bed scenes in the cinema are also very embellished: beautiful music, candles, no embarrassment (we published a list of such stereotypes).
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