Santa Barbara 35: what happened to the actors?


This summer, the cult series marks 35 years since the first episodes. We could not pass by and not be nostalgic. What the actors looked like then, what is happening now in their life … After all, a whole generation has grown up on a soap opera ten years long.

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CC Capwell (Jed Allan)

One of the most important and recognizable characters in the series. What is noteworthy, CC Capwell was played by six actors. But it was Jed Allan who was remembered in this role. Despite the fact that he starred in the other famous series “Beverly Hills 90210”, he was always associated with “Santa Barbara”. The actor was born on March 1, 1935, unfortunately, he died on March 9, 2019.
By the way, the ancestors of Jed were from Minsk and Odessa. The actor has three children and six grandchildren.

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Sophia Capwell (Judith McConnell)

For McConnell, this role remained the most famous, but she was not invited to the feature films, leaving behind her the role of the serial actress. Judith also starred in Melrose Place and Beverly Hills-90210. And in 2007, she played herself in the Russian TV series "Mother and Daughters." Once in her youth, she won the Miss Pennsylvania title, and to this day looks great for her 75 years.

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Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker)

Eden is the golden-haired daughter of CC Capwell. At the time of filming, she was 24 years old. The role of Eden brought her widespread fame. Ironically, playing love on the screen, she never found love in her life. Marcy Walker got married five times, and in 2005, quit her acting career and became a pastor in a small town in Oklahoma. Now the actress is 58 years old.

By the way, her only son Taylor played the role of the newborn daughter of Eden and Cruz – Ariana. Now he continues to act in films.

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Gina Capwell (Robin Mattson)

The role of Gina Capwell was for Robin not the first in her acting career, but the most memorable. The performer of the main villain of Santa Barbara, she was nominated four times for the Emmy Award, but she never received the coveted statuette. After "Santa Barbara," Mattson starred in the TV series "All My Children" and "Days of Our Lives." Now she is 63 years old, and she is not filming anywhere.

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Kelly Capwell (Robin Wright)

At the beginning of filming in the series, the actress was 22 years old. Robin Wright was lucky – she did not remain an actress of one role. She is remembered not only as Kelly in "Santa Barbara", but also for the films "Forrest Gump", "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", as well as the series "House of Cards". Many also remember that Robin was the wife of Sean Penn and bore him two children.

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Ted Capwell (Todd Mackey)

Little is known about Todd Mackey, except that he will be 56 years old this year; since 1990, he has moved from Santa Barbara to the series The Bold and the Beautiful. The fees received for his role in Santa Barbara, Todd immediately profitably invested in the purchase of real estate. True, he never married and talked about his non-traditional sexual orientation.

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Mason Capwell (Lane Davis)

Lane Davis played his character for five years, and after he was replaced by other actors – Terry Lester and Gordon Thomson. Davis – the only one of the entire cast of Santa Barbara does not like to remember this period in his life. “I had to learn up to 58 pages of text per series – the character was very talkative! – recalled the actor. Also, Lane Davis starred in the series “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He currently runs the Santa Susana mobile theater, preferring to stage Shakespeare’s plays. The actor is married and has two sons.

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Julia Wainwright Capwell (Nancy Lee Gran)

Mason Capwell’s wife “changed” during the filming of three husbands. However, on the set of the series Main Hospital, she again met with Lane Davis. The actress starred in the TV series Castle, raises her daughter, and is also involved in politics and charity, helping cancer patients and victims of incest.

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Cruz Castillo (Adolfo Larrue Martinez III, or Hey Martinez)

Thanks to the role of a decent policeman, Hey Martinez received an Emmy Award in 1990. Spectators held their breath, watching the novel by Cruise Castillo and Eden Capwell for many years. The actor continues to star in the series. Hey Martinez has been married for more than 30 years, he has three children, although during the filming he admitted that he was in love with Marcy Walker.

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