Plans after quarantine: exclusive spa pleasure at Vichy resort (personal experience)


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After isolation, the nerves will be at the limit – treat yourself to something special. We talk about the unique French resort of Vichy. All procedures are unique, using natural thermal water from local volcanic sources (this will not be offered in any spa in the world).

What is the best procedure

Getting to know the Vichy Celestins Thermal Spa services is best started with the Signature trilogy. It includes three luxurious treatments and is considered the hallmark of the resort.

1. Vichy Thermal Hot Tub

The temperature is selected so that the body seems to be in zero gravity. This provides maximum relaxation. To enhance the effect, an effervescent tablet is added to the water, which colors the water in a pleasant blue color. A tablet is a concentrate of mineral salts that are absorbed into the skin and fill it with useful substances.

2. Plant-mineral mud wrapsThermalSpalesCelestins_JOUR2_446 © Emanuela-CINO.jpg

For the manufacture of the composition take volcanic clay. For a while, it is infused in thermal water, due to which special microorganisms appear in it, due to which the mud acquires healing properties and the ability to actively influence the body.

Often the standard wraps that are offered in spas cause mixed feelings. But this is not about Vichy. The procedure here is very pleasant. You are comfortable sitting on a warm water mattress. The balneologist applies dirt to the whole body, after which he covers you with a special thermo-blanket. Listen to your feelings: you will feel how the mixture penetrates deep into the skin, saturating it with minerals, making it elastic and smooth.

3. Original Vichy shower

This procedure can be found in many spas around the world. But only in the resort of Vichy, the soul will be truly original. Because it is an invention of local balneologists, dated 1896. Vichy thermal water is used only here. All other spas replace it with plain water.

The process itself is very interesting. You lie down on a comfortable couch. A special apparatus is brought in from above, from which a light warm rain pours from mineral water. At the same time, the balneologist performs a special massage that completely relaxes the muscles. You can choose one of two options of the procedure – with massage in two or four hands. The synchronized actions of balneologists amazes and gives minutes of unforgettable pleasure.

What will offer VIP guests

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A year ago, the Vichy Celestins spa presented an interesting novelty. To achieve maximum relaxation, you do not even have to go from one treatment room to another. All three procedures of the Signature series can be performed in a chic thermal suite. This will be your personal relaxation room with jacuzzi, sauna and relaxation area. Thermal Suite is a great solution for couples and those who like privacy.

Please note: for this option you need to order not a trilogy of procedures, but a Signature thermal ritual.

To try a trilogy or ritual, you need a preliminary record. Vichy Celestins spa staff speaks French, English and Russian, so there will be no difficulty in translating. You can ask them any questions and choose the best time for a visit to this realm of relaxation and pleasure!


Alina Krasnova, beauty expert and travel journalist @ dintra777

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