Is it safe to drink up to three drinks a day?


The media talked about how much alcohol a person can drink daily without much danger to his health. Two standard portions of alcohol for women and three for men represent an insignificant health risk, according to RIA Novosti with reference to recommendations of experts of the Russian Ministry of Health.

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How much are the recommended doses of alcohol?

A standard portion is understood to mean 10 g of pure alcohol. Since alcoholic beverages differ in strength, the number of standard servings in a glass of wine or in a glass of vodka is different. For example, in 100 ml of wine with a strength of 12% there will be approximately one standard serving, while in a bottle of 4.5 percent beer with a volume of 0.9 l – three standard servings.

The recommendations reported by the media indicate that a daily intake of 200 ml of wine for women and about 900 ml of beer for men entails only a small health risk. At the same time, it is recommended to observe at least two “sober” days a week, so that a relatively safe portion is really safe. Also, in some situations, drinking alcohol even in such quantities is extremely undesirable: for example, during pregnancy or if a person is going to drive a vehicle.

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Is it possible to drink up to three drinks a day?

The recommendations reported by the media were denied by Oksana Drapkina, the chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for therapy and general practice, director of the National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine. She stated that a safe dose of alcohol does not exist. “There is no safe dose, it’s better not to drink at all,” her words are quoted in the press service of the Ministry of Health.

Drapkina also noted that the standard dose of 10 g of pure alcohol, on the basis of which recommendations were made, is used solely to compare the strength of drinks, and not as a norm of consumption. “It was a standard dose, it was invented and developed to standardize comparisons of the strength of drinks, <...> in order to understand what is stronger, which is less strong, ”the expert explained.


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