"Interns" 10 years later: how the actors of the popular television series have changed


We decided to recall another popular domestic series and talk about how the main actors of the telenovela changed, telling about the difficult trials that fell to the lot of future doctors, about the intrigues that reign in the walls of a medical institution and about what interns have to go through to prove their fitness and become truly happy. A picture showing the everyday life of young and inexperienced doctors who fell under the wing of a charismatic leader performed by Ivan Okhlobystin. We learned how the actors of the Interns live now and how they have changed.

Varya Chernous (Christina Asmus)

The character of Christina Asmus is a young intern girl in the therapy department. She is not self-confident, naive. always for justice and does not know how to cheat and lie. At the same time, she managed to meet Lovelace Gleb Romanenko, her intern colleague.

Christina Asmus.jpg

For Christina Asmus, work at Interns was the first and very significant. After that, she began to be invited to shoot in other films, she also plays in the Yermolova Theater. For ten years, the actress has not changed a bit, but at the same time she built her personal life. Kristina is married to the famous comedian and showman Garik Kharlamov, in 2014 they had a daughter, Anastasia. Recently, the media actively discussed the fact that Asmus starred in the film "Text" in a frank scene. But we assure you, she is far from the first Russian actress to decide on such a thing (for more details, read here).

Gleb Romanenko (Ilya Glinnikov)

The “thug” child, the son of the head doctor of the hospital, Anastasia Kisegach, was sure that he would have no problems with the internship. He is a regular in clubs and parties, he loves to drink and drive on a black Range Rover, donated by his father, he treats girls with consumerism. But, ironically, his mother meets with the therapist Andrei Bykov, who becomes Gleb’s mentor. And intern Romanenko falls between two fires: Bykov does not spare him and does not make indulgences, his mother tries to protect him, but does not want to quarrel with her man.

Ilya Glinnikov also performs in the Yermolova Theater, in addition to that, he plays in the theater named after Joseph Boyce and in the theater agency "Antre". Ilya starred in the TV series Roofs of the World, the film Love with Restrictions and other works. Glinnikov participated in the show "The Bachelor", but never found a wife for himself.

Ilya Glinnikov.jpg

Semen Lobanov (Alexander Ilyin)

Semen Lobanov – not the smartest intern, moonlighting on an ambulance, always sleepy and dissatisfied with life. He served in the army, was married, but divorced. All patients are crony.

Alexander has a rich filmography both before the Interns and after. Since 2010, he also acts as a vocalist and songwriter in the punk band Plan Lomonosov. Last year, a son was born to him and his wife Julia, who, according to family tradition, was called Alexander.

Alexander Ilyin.jpg

Olga Lobanova (Tatyana Lyannik)

The red-haired wife of Lobanov is a smart, beautiful, successful lawyer. It is surprising that she found in her husband, whom, incidentally, she is constantly unhappy and sawing. Because of different views on life, they converge, then diverge. Perhaps their couple is united only due to the pregnancy of Olga.
You could see Tatyana Liannik in such works as The Capercaillie, The River House, Morozova, False Witnesses, as well as in advertising. Since 2017, she has been married to Pavel Bogovsky, a man of aristocratic blood.
Tatyana Lyannik.jpg

Boris Levin (Dmitry Sharakois)

The role of a nerd with glasses was played by Dmitry Sharakois. His character seemed inexperienced and completely not flexible in communication, but later began to meet with the head nurse Lyuba, a middle-aged woman who taught him life. Dmitry quit the series “Interns” rather quickly, allegedly due to conflicts with Christina Asmus.

In 2014, Dmitry Sharakois played Shurik in the remake of "The Caucasian Captive", but the film turned out to be a failure. Now the actor simultaneously plays in the theater and tries himself in the restaurant business in London.

Dmitry Sharkois.jpg

Anastasia Kisegach (Svetlana Kamynina)

The head physician of the hospital is Anastasia Kisegach, tough and confident, but still feminine emotional. She has a romantic relationship with Andrei Bykov, long divorced, and her son – Gleb Romanenko – bears the name of her father, so few people guess about their relationship.
The actress wanted to act in films and for this she entered the acting department of the International Slavic Institute, but after graduation she was not taken for a long time to act in films. Svetlana was noticed only in the film “Boomer”, and the role of the head physician in “Interns” is still her biggest work.
Svetlana Kamynina.jpg

Andrey Evgenievich Bykov (Ivan Okhlobystin)

A quick-tempered and unbalanced therapist will be remembered by everyone who sees him at least once. He doesn’t go into his pocket for a word and is able to come up with the most extraordinary curses for his wards. At the same time, he is a first-class specialist, so everyone suffers him in the hospital, but nobody loves him.

Ivan Okhlobystin.jpg

Ivan Okhlobystin is a famous actor, without whom the series “Interns” would have lost his charm. Among his works are also “DMB”, “Down House”, “Tsar”, “Office Romance. Our time ”and many others. Surely many people know that Okhlobystin was a clergyman for a long time, and later became interested in politics. He is also a father with many children, he has six children (what other celebrities have become parents with many children – read here).

Lyubov Mikhailovna Scriabin (Svetlana Permyakova)

The head nurse Lyubov Mikhailovna is probably the only one who is able to withstand Andrei Bykov. She is very lively and is never lost.
By an amazing coincidence, the actress with the surname Permyakova is from Perm. she started with KVN, and was also the host on Russian Radio. She got married in 2008, but her marriage did not last a year. In 2012, the actress gave birth to a daughter, Varvara, and declassified the child's father later. It turned out to be producer Maxim Scriabin, who is 19 years younger than Svetlana.

Svetlana Permyakova.jpg

Ivan Natanovich Kupitman (Vadim Demchog)

Ivan Natanovich Kupitman, as conceived by the authors of the series, is a cunning Jew. He is a dermatovenerologist, head of the skin and venereology department of the hospital. He is a drinker and often “thinks for two” with Andrei Bykov.
Actor Vadim Demchog starred in films, plays in the theater, teaches, and he also created unique author projects on radio, television, the Web and the theater (Frankie Show, Mr. Freeman). In addition, he is the father of the daughter of Anastasia and son of William.

Vadim Demchog.jpg

Phil Richards (One Byron)

Phil Richards is an intern from America, who arrived in exchange instead of Boris Levin. His parents are gay, and he constantly comes in shock from the Russian mentality and finds himself in ridiculous situations.
One Byron, who played the American, actually lived in the USA for half his life, hence his realistic accent. He, like his character, came to Moscow in exchange to receive an acting education. He plays at the Gogol Center. A few years ago, Odin admitted to being gay.

One Byron.jpg

Polina Ulyanova (Yana Guryanova)

Pauline became perhaps the most annoying character in the series. She had an impudent, rude character, quarreling with all her colleagues on the first day of work. But precisely because of this, Bykov took it – he liked to go against public opinion.
Yana Guryanova started as a ballerina, but later decided to become an actress. In the movie, she made her debut in 2010 in the series "Garages". In "Interns", Yana starred while being pregnant. In 2013, her daughter Sasha was born.
Yana Guryanova.jpg

Alexey Maltsev (Alexander Lyapin)

The international provincial, who constantly tells everyone about his native Torzhok, was actually born in Moscow. Later, the actor’s family moved to live in Riga, where he spent his childhood. His first work in the movie was the film The Vanished Empire, and this year he will appear in the TV series Kitchen. The war for the hotel. "

Alexander Lyapin.jpg

Sonya Kalinina (Aglaya Tarasova)

Sophia, or Sonya, is Kupitman's niece. And she constantly gets from her colleagues for the fact that she got to work “by pull”. In fact, she is initiative, positive and ready to prove to her parents that she is independent.
Aglaya Tarasova, a sought-after actress, starred in the acclaimed film "Ice", she also got one of the main roles in the film "Major Sokolov's Heterosexuals." The actress met with Ilya Glinnikov for a long time, but they broke up in 2016, after which Aglaya met with Milos Bikovich, a partner in the film “Ice”.
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