How stars prepare for the New Year 2020


The time has come for active preparations for the celebration of the new year. Someone buys gifts for their loved ones, others decorate a Christmas tree with their children. And, of course, where would it be without a New Year's photo session in cute sweaters by the fireplace? Stars have long begun to prepare for the holiday and are already uploading photos of their chic Christmas trees to social networks.

Yana Rudkovskaya posted on her Instagram a few photos and short fideos against a gorgeous three-meter Christmas tree, at the foot of which there are gilded pumpkins. Elena Ksenofontovaya tree resembles a real Venice, with its carnival masks and gold ribbons.
Tatyana Navka posing with her daughter on the background of the Christmas tree. By the way, we recommend everyone to visit her new show, Sleeping Beauty, where Tatyana plays the role of the Malificent.
Natalya Vodianova embraces cute with her grandmother, and singer Jasmine is shocked by the fact that her daughter no longer believes in Santa Claus: “Mom has stress. Margarita and earlier with a slight distrust of the existence of Santa Claus, and this year completely refused to write him a letter. “But what should he write if I do not believe in him?”, The child reasonably remarks. And for mom and dad, how to buy gifts without a letter now ?! ”
Lena Temnikova, instead of a Christmas tree, decorated her face with a garland. This invention lights up when a person smiles. Anna Mikhailovskaya has a great time at the rink near the GUM, because at 10 in the morning there are almost no people there and you can ride for your own pleasure.
Julia Alexandrova found in one of the restaurants an interesting alternative to the Christmas tree – a dress made of branches and Christmas tree decorations. And Valentina Rubtsova poses against the backdrop of Sochi New Year's palms.

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