Hiking, surfing, opera: where to escape from the cold


The blue sky, warm ocean, surfing, massages and fantastic food are already good reasons to escape from autumn to one of the Asian resorts. But if you need a little more from travel, there are options too.


WHERE: Taiwan Island
WHY: hiking

According to official statistics, in a year, no more than 7,000 Russians visit a small island off the coast of China – despite the fact that the flow doubled in 2019 due to direct seasonal flights from Moscow and Vladivostok and a visa-free regime. In short, if you like the idea of ​​being a pioneer and are not confused by the lack of a menu in Russian, Taiwan definitely deserves attention. First of all, due to its natural beauties. The island, which many perceive as a large factory for the production of laptops and telephones, is actually more like a reserve – to make sure of this, it is enough to move from the capital of Taipei to the east, in the direction of national parks. There will be no problems with transport: the entire island is riddled with tentacles of the high-speed railway, quite comfortable automobiles are also available. Your goal is Taroko National Park. Rainforest, mountains, fast rivers and waterfalls, a huge marble canyon in the center – and all this can be circumvented by moving along well-marked and well-groomed paths with amazing views. But the main attraction of the park is Mount Hehuang. Serious climbers prefer the higher peaks of the island, so the 3422-meter "baby" was in the full power of hiking enthusiasts. Despite serious growth, the mountain is capable of conquering any more or less active person – of course, if he bothered to put on comfortable shoes, protect his head from the sun, have a supply of water and something warmer than shorts: it can be cool above. But at the end of the ascent, it looks like Instagram will startle with envy.


And after adventures in the mountains, you can, with a clear conscience, go to the west coast or in the vicinity of the capital – to sandy beaches, hot springs and delicious, as everywhere else in Asia, food in street eateries.


WHERE: Macau
WHY: Formula 1 Grand Prix and Gastronomic Festival

The city and the state of Macau, which is almost separate from China (60 km from Hong Kong, easily accessible by high-speed catamaran) are often compared with Las Vegas. For those who are obsessed with gambling, shopping, adrenaline and culinary pleasures here is a pure paradise. And the architecture is even better: Macau owes much of its appearance to the Portuguese, who, even in the Middle Ages, had no problems with the aesthetics of urban improvement. In other words, in Macau, a wallet, a camera, and good health will come in handy: not everyone can have fun, as is customary here, in the 24/7 format. Especially if you are planning a trip in November: the Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held in Macau from the 14th to the 17th, and the famous gastronomic festival will also be held from November 10th to 26th. All this means that the city will not be crowded with beautiful girls who smell of kerosene and champagne as brutal guys, journalists, tourists, adventurers, pleasures and crazy scents. Since the gastronomic festival is considered international, the menu contains dishes not only of Chinese cuisine. A special chic that the open-air feast takes place: you can enjoy gastronomic and visual joys at the same time.


WHERE: Bali Island
WHY: reboot in the jungle

Surfing, endless temple holidays, romantic dinners on the rocks – all these are worthy reasons to fly to the ends of the world. But sometimes it’s useful to spend the holidays in such a way as to literally be reborn. Bali in this sense is a unique island: even if only 5% of what travelers tell about its ability to heal, fulfill dreams and change lives, it’s a sin to use such energy. The first step in this direction is to book accommodation and retreat for yourself at the Fivelements Ecohotel. This bamboo paradise in the jungle of Ubud receives international awards every year as one of the best spa and wellness centers in the world. Riding here just for the sake of massages and body wraps is wrong: after all, Fivelements is famous for its retreat opportunities. The exhausted city life is shown to the whole golden package here: yoga and meditation practices, communication with nature, and not with gadgets, spa rituals, simple but inspiring vegetarian food and participation in important local ceremonies under the guise of a regular worshiper. For example, on November 16, you can become a participant in an important, by local standards, Agnihotra ceremony. The mystical ritual of sacrifice to the fire is carried out at sunset and is considered the best way to cleanse oneself energetically and sometimes to be healed. Even skeptics admit that participating in the ceremony at least gives an upbeat, although it is better not to doubt local healing rituals: this is an important condition to go home truly updated and enlightened.


WHERE: Singapore
WHY: listen to opera

If Singapore you associate exclusively with skyscrapers and the Marina Bay Sand rooftop replicated in all tourist notes, both a personal visit to the most human metropolis of Asia will help to confirm and refute this impression. Fortunately, the end of autumn is a good time to explore the city-state in a relatively calm time from a tourism point of view. Frantic beach people are frightened by the chance of rain (they really happen daily, but quickly end), and you can enjoy local eclecticism without merging with the crowd. At that time, the city was dominated not by Asian fireworks festivals, carnival processions and other plebeian joys, but by aesthetic entertainments. For example, the small but very colorful Opera Festival, which will be held in Singapore's Chinatown from November 20 to 24. The event is not accidentally arranged in Chinatown: tourists are offered to get acquainted with the Chinese opera. Moreover, a sample of the XIX century, so you can enjoy not only music, original scenography and performing manner, but also costumes of the past era and even appetizers typical of the theater of that time. To immerse yourself in the culture for tourists with complete comfort, during the festival, walking tours around Chinatown, workshops and other activities broadening the horizons are arranged.


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