Gemini romance, Lviv apathy: horoscope for all zodiac signs from April 20 to 26



The next week of quarantine will not be easy – but troubles can be dealt with if you listen to the advice of the stars.


The week will be quite stressful, especially in family relationships. But the career aspect can please the dynamics.

This does not mean that you should completely limit yourself from contact with loved ones, on the contrary, most likely, initiatives will be expected from you.

By the end of the week, many Aries will be in a precarious emotional situation: fight instability in the usual ways, the main thing is that they are not connected with harmful addictions.


Now the most important thing is to concentrate all forces on the fulfillment of duties. You will have a lot of work – you have to strain. Do not worry, this is a good opportunity to improve your financial situation.

Some will face business difficulties, but having solved the problem in a timely manner, by the end of the week the situation will not worsen. You are methods for any accomplishments, the main thing is not to succumb to the false feeling of fatigue.

If your physical condition is poor, try to change your daily habits.


At the beginning of the week you will feel more confident, it can be used both in work and in personal life.

The week will be tremulous and romantic – get ready for a pleasant change. Pay more attention to your internal state, put your thoughts in order and be open to communication.

This week will strengthen the partnership aspect, perhaps now is the best time for recognizing and discussing important points in relations with the opposite sex.


The first days of the week will throw a lot of unexpected expenses – it's time to take care of the financial situation. Try to save throughout the week so that it goes without unpleasant surprises and global losses.

Now your productivity will decrease, it is better to postpone the adoption of important decisions. It will be difficult for you to switch to a new mode of daily routine. If you decide to start playing sports or go on a strict diet, devote a week to preparation so that the transition is smooth.

a lion

A period of uncertainty has come. Within a week, laziness and apathy can overcome you, you need to pull yourself together and stop putting everything off for tomorrow.

Go in for sports, start monitoring nutrition and think about development. It will also help you to better focus on work and prioritize, and the situation will necessarily require responsibility.

Despite the breakdown, Leo can’t lose track, getting out of it will be more difficult than at any other time.


All week you will be in a good mood: this is a good time to spend energy to good use. Partnerships will develop well, there will be a need for active communication.

At the end of the week you will have the opportunity to diversify your daily routine, feel free to agree to the experiments. You will feel in a familiar environment, this will help restore strength, and many will even lead out of prolonged despair.


Perhaps in the middle of the week your forces will be at zero, but only you can help yourself. The beginning of the week is not suitable for making difficult decisions, try to avoid any stressful situations and maintain emotional stability.

It will be difficult enough to get out of conflicts – try not to enter into them (especially with a soul mate or an object of sympathy). If you feel that the degree of seriousness of the conversation rises to a dispute and accusations, slow down and do not wait for the first step from your partner.


You may be confused by others. The whole week will be quite stressful, so try to control yourself.

The financial aspect will show itself well, new opportunities for earning will appear, do not ignore business offers, but seriously analyze them. It will turn out successfully to use skills – especially creative.


Be calm, the week promises to be pleasant for you. The period will strengthen family ties, relationships with the opposite sex. This is also a good time for career achievements.

The main thing – do not waste time in vain, correctly prioritize at the beginning of the week, then by the end you will be able to complete many tasks and even deal with accumulated responsibilities.


You will be very active, you can complete many unfinished business, reach your goal, build a new concept of action. Brain activity will be at maximum, use this time to good use.

You can yearn for communication with loved ones, be prepared to deal with a sense of anxiety. It is not recommended to load the body with excessive physical activity, at this time it is also better to refuse coffee, so as not to overload the body.


You need a reboot, this week you will especially need a change. Try to think constructively. It is not worth taking loans and entering into large transactions, this is not the best moment for financial decisions.

The rest is green light. If you have long wanted to start learning a new profession or adjust your figure – this is the best time to take the first step.


The week will be divided into two parts, the first will be more intense. Small financial problems will arise, but you can solve them yourself if you take a responsible attitude to the situation.

It is important to keep in touch with loved ones, this will help relieve thoughts. Share experiences, talk more and restore lost contacts.


Saona, tarologist and psychologist

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