Dialogue with father: an exhibition that everyone should visit


This is the name of the personal exhibition of the father and son Grigoryan, which will become the development of a joint creative tandem of artists through whom love, care and deep respect for their origins, spiritual heritage and involvement in the cultural heritage of Russia and Armenia go all the way.


For the first time, the unique heritage of the elder Grigoryan and the bright colors of the modern generation in the works of his son will be presented in maximum completeness. The exhibition features more than 150 works. Different in content and plot lines, both artists subtly feel anguish and emotionality, restraint and wisdom of generations. The art of the painters is a kind of illustration, dialogue and interpretation of love for the land of their ancestors – Nagorno-Karabakh.


Symbols and images in the father’s paintings transfer the visitor to the exhibition in the adolescence of Yuri Surenovich Grigoryan. Traditional clothes, mountain villages, mountain silhouettes: all this is a reflection of memories and nostalgia for places of childhood and youth. The main features of his creative style are vivid coloristic saturation, harmoniously built composition, original technique with which he immerses the viewer in his inner world.

And son

The painting of the son of Yuri Yuryevich Grigoryan is characteristic and easily recognizable by connoisseurs of modern art. He is a master of composition and lighting solutions. His painting, inspired by the theme of the origins, is distinguished by internal reflection. The depiction of feelings through images of objects, the severity of emotions conveyed using light contrasts, the disclosure of deep images in a series of paintings are characteristic features of the work of Yuri the Younger. This is the journey that the artist offers to go along with him.

Where when?

The personal exhibition "Dialogue with Father" will last from February 1 to February 29 in the space "ART Box" of the SEC "Riviera" st. Avtozavodskaya, d.18, metro station "Avtozavodskaya".

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