Baby boom: which of the stars became parents this year


2020 has just begun, only three months have passed, and already several star couples have pleased relatives and fans with good news about the replenishment of the family. Someone was expecting the first-born, others became parents for the fourth time. We gathered couples who began the year 2020 with the creation of a new life.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

On January 3, Instagram Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden posted an entry: “We are happy and grateful that we are entering the new decade with the announcement of the birth of our daughter Raddix Madden. She immediately won our hearts and truly complemented our family. She is really very sweet and beautiful. ”
This news was unexpected, but pleasant for many fans, because since the actress got married five years ago, they were constantly waiting for replenishment. In the end, the rumors about Cameron’s interesting position weighed everyone so much that they almost ceased to believe in their reality. By the way, the pregnancy was not easy for the star – she spent a lot of time at the Family Planning Center, and, as it turned out, not in vain.
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Ashley Graham and Justin Erwin

One of the most famous plus-size models announced her pregnancy in October last year, and on January 18 it became known that she became a mother. During pregnancy, Ashley was not shy about being naked and did not hide stretch marks and extra pounds from others. Ashley gave birth to a son, named him Isaac Menelik. Childbirth took place at home in the presence of a midwife and dole.
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Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova again hid her pregnancy from everyone and surprised her with a photo of a newborn baby. Recall that in December 2017 she gave birth to twins – a son Nicholas and a daughter Lucy, and did not show her “pregnant” belly to anyone, so not everyone believed in her motherhood (read in more detail here). And on January 30, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias became parents for the third time, and they named their second daughter Mary. In addition, last year, the girl changed her last name on Instagram, which hints at the long-awaited marriage.
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Mila Jovovich and Paul Anderson

On February 3, there was another star replenishment, which was immediately reported on Instagram by Mila Jovovich's eldest daughter, Ever. A third girl was born named Ocean (as the actress herself said, the name is pronounced that way, and Osian is written). After giving birth, the girl suffered from severe jaundice in her newborn, but now everything is fine.
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Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

The couple already has a daughter, Milan, who is almost two years old, and on February 5, the second girl Eva was born. Anastasia admits that she always wanted to have weather children.
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Ida Galich and Alan Basiev

The 29-year-old blogger first became a mother on February 7. She hid her pregnancy for a long time from subscribers, put on voluminous dresses, changed the shooting angles. But she was declassified anyway, after which the girl decided to admit on her Instagram page: “I see no reason to pretend that nothing is happening. Thank you all for your congratulations, we are still very small, but the conspirator is so-so from me. ” It is known that she had a son named Leon.
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Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova

On February 18, rapper Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova gave birth to a fourth child – a boy named David. This pregnancy was a pleasant surprise for Oksana, and she was very worried about the fourth cesarean. Recall that the couple already has three daughters: Ariella, Leia and May.
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Quentin Tarantino and Daniela Peak

The most famous bachelor of Hollywood at the age of 56 became the first father. The boy was born on February 22 in one of the prestigious clinics in Tel Aviv. Later it became known. that the baby was named Leo in honor of grandfather Daniela.
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Olga Ushakova and Adam Karim

Last year it became known that Olga Ushakova was expecting a fourth child, and on March 7, on the eve of the women's holiday, she had a fourth daughter, who decided to call her an unusual name Bella Vienna. Olga already has three beautiful daughters: Daria, Ksenia and Maria.

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