At leisure: what books are worth reading in February


Our review contains interesting book novelties in which you will find many useful tips and you will spend time reading them with pleasure.


Just be yourself a copy.jpg"Just be yourself!"

Sarah Knight, BOMBORA Publishing House
Bestselling author of “Magical Pofigism” and Just f * cking do it – on how to be yourself. Quitting a successful career for freelance, moving from New York to Haiti and becoming famous worldwide anti-guru – Sarah Knight continues to share her experience with everyone who discovered that he does not live his own life. “Just be yourself!” Is a frank and (self) ironic conversation about how to devote time, energy and money only to what you really want. “Do you want to dye your hair purple, quit your job and set up a trout farm or give up your long pants, even when it's cold outside?” So be yourself! ”

book copy.jpg"Tame your hormones"

Sarah Gottfried, AST
Dr. Gottfried has written a wonderful book for all women who want to live a full and healthy life, while not sitting on endless medicines. Every woman knows stress, irritation, a bad mood: they are told that they are hormones, and they add that “this is the female share”. Dr. Gottfried is sure that this should not be! She offers a unique technique for making your hormones healthy: no pills, only natural products and professional advice based on scientific data. The work is included in the program of books selected by Natalia Zubareva for his series “Doctor Zubareva: Academy of Health”

Ask me how.jpg“Ask me how”

Vlada Yakushevskaya, Eksmo Publishing House
The book of a bright and shocking personality, an Instagram blogger with thousands of readers, a participant in the show “Bachelor 4” is the story of a woman who went through a solid black line: betrayal, betrayal of the closest people, poverty.

She could have given up, but chose to be strong and fight for her happiness.

And to help others, Vlada wrote a book that will become a guide to a happy life for every woman. Vlada openly and honestly tells her story: about home tyranny, the hometown of Semipalatinsk, the break with her beloved man who left her pregnant, relationships with her children and much more. Vlada gives examples and parses in detail the letters that girls from all over Russia write to her.

Robin Arzon_Freedom Manifesto_3d.jpg"Shut up and Run. The manifesto of freedom and harmony "

Robin Arzon, BOMBORA Publishing House
She rethought her life in one evening, when the long-awaited meeting with old friends ended in an armed attack, where she was taken hostage. After this event, the girl realized that she lived with her fears, not dreams. Robin threw back the excuses, put on her sneakers and began to fight stress with small runs in a nearby park. Running saved her from depression and uncertainty, Robin began to conquer many kilometers of marathons and mastered the profession of a personal trainer. Together with Robin, readers will learn how to destroy destructive attitudes that prevent them from falling in love with themselves, committing acts that they had not decided before, and achieving what seemed to be impossible. The book charges, inspires and encourages movement.

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