Actresses who said goodbye to their hair for the role in the movie


What actors do not do for the sake of the role! And they gain 20 kilograms, and then they are dumped, and their hair color changes. And the heroines of our selection generally had to part with beautiful curls right during the filming.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman said goodbye to her hair directly from the plot of the film “V means Vendetta” (2006). And not in vain! The picture turned out to be very convincing, and the actress didn’t diminish at all.

Natalie Portman.jpeg

Mariya Kozhevnikova

In the film "Battalion" (2014), Maria Kozhevnikova got the role of Countess Natalya Tatishcheva, who was shaved bald right in the picture. This did not bother the actress at all: she was ready for such sacrifices for the sake of a good role. In addition, in her words, the experience gained helped her character to play more convincingly.

Maria Kozhevnikova.jpg

Shailene Woodley

In the first part of the Divergent dystopia (2014), Shailene Woodley looked like a modest girl with long hair who went to the fearless guild and changed a lot. In the second part of Insurgent, the girl became more decisive, fought along with the guys and had a short haircut.

Shailene Woodley.jpg

Julia Vysotskaya

In 2016, for the role in the film "Paradise" of her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, the famous tele blonde was forced to shave her hair. This decision was not easy for her.

“Shaving at 42 is not exactly the same as shaving at 28. You lose – I don’t even know what to call it … Well, let’s say I wake up – somewhere swollen, tired, tormented, bruises, bags . I think it's okay: now I’ll stick something on my head. Now what should I do? ”Julia complained.

Julia Vysotskaya.jpg

Cate blanchett

In 2001, the dramatic picture “Paradise” was released, in which the audience saw Cate Blanchett from an unusual side: her hair was completely cut. At the same time, when asked if she was sorry for losing her blond curls, the actress replied: "Shaving off the hair from the head is like giving yourself freedom." Growing her hair, Kate did not disguise herself with wigs or headgear.

Cate Blanchett.jpg

Demmy Moor

Demi Moore was ahead of many actresses from our selection, shaving baldness back in 1997 for the movie "Soldier Jane." The role of Lieutenant Jordan O'Neill brought Demi Moore fame among the audience and Golden Raspberry from critics.

Demi Moore.jpg

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron happened to be a brunette (for example, in the movie “Eon Flux”), a blonde with long curls (“Snow White and the Hunter”), and in 2015 in the post-apocalyptic film “Mad Max: The Road of Fury” she appeared in the image of a shaved-headed warrior with a prosthesis instead of a hand. By the way, during the filming, she constantly had conflicts with the plot partner Tom Hardy (who else of the actors did not take each other's spirit – read here).

Charlize Theron.jpg

Ann Hataway

Anne Hathaway, who had to cut her hair for the sake of filming in the musical Les Miserables in 2012, was also not very pleased with her image change. They say that the actress cried a lot and came to her senses for a long time.

Anne Hathaway.jpg

Kristen Stewart

Kristen shaved her head baldly for the movie Underwater, and now fans contemplate her with a short light hedgehog. By the way, the film will be released in 2020.

Kristen Stewart.jpg

Polina Maksimova

Actress Polina Maksimova shaved baldly for the role in the series "257 Reasons to Live." He has not yet come out, and the fans of the actress are already in shock, was it worth it to make such sacrifices. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that Polina has the role of a silly and charming blonde.

Polina Maksimova.jpg

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