Actors who got a movie role by chance


Hundreds of young people annually receive acting education, attend auditions in the hope of an invitation to a role that will glorify them. At the same time, some characters in popular films were played by people who accidentally ended up "in the right place at the right time." Who are they, these lucky ones who had only an indirect relation to cinema, but who became famous actors?

Harrison ford

In the period from the 1960s to the 1970s, Harrison Ford tried to get into the movies, but in addition to a couple of inconspicuous roles, they were not offered anything to him. At that time he already had a family, children, and they needed to be provided. Then Ford independently studied carpentry and carried out orders for various people, including celebrities. For example, among his works: finishing a recording studio for a Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes, a cabinet for George Lucas and repairing an office for Francis Ford Coppola. Thus, he was noticed and taken first to the comedy American Graffiti, the paintings Conversation and Apocalypse Today, and then he became Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Han Solo.jpg

Johnny Depp

The famous actor dreamed not to act in films, but to play in a rock band. His mother gave him a guitar, and participation in various rock bands helped him give up bad habits. When the next group broke up, the wife of 20-year-old Depp, Lori Ann Alison, a make-up artist at a film studio, introduced her husband to Nicolas Cage. So Johnny Depp got into the horror film "A Nightmare on Elm Street", and his acting career went uphill. But he did not abandon rock music and formed the group Hollywood Vampires.

A nightmare on Elm Street.jpg

Pamela Anderson

In her youth, the girl worked as a fitness instructor. Once she was offered a side job for a promotional model, for which she needed to pose for a football match in a tight T-shirt with the logo of a beer company. Her appearance attracted the operator of the match, which showed the girl on the screen close-up, which caused delight of the fans. After that, Pamela began to be invited to shoot in men's magazines, and she was also invited to the series “Rescuers Malibu” (how plastic breasts helped her acting career, read here).

Pamela Anderson.jpg

Evangeline lilly

The actress in her youth worked as a stewardess, and once a model agency recruiter noticed her on the street and offered to work as a model. After that, she was invited to appear in commercials, as well as in episodic roles in the film "Freddy vs. Jason" and the series "Smallville Secrets". This helped her to light up and get into the series "Lost", which glorified Lilly.

Staying alive.jpg

Jason statham

Jason Statham was known as a professional swimmer. For 12 years he played in the British national diving team. At the same time, he began to earn real money by selling jewelry and perfumes. In one of the shopping centers, he was noticed by an agent, offering a job as a model for the brand Tommy Hilfiger. The owner of this brand was the producer of Guy Ritchie's film “Cards, Money, Two Trunks” – this is how Stath met the director, after which he played a street vendor in his film, and this was only the beginning …

Cards, money, two trunks.jpg

Adriano Celentano

Celentano was born into a poor family and was the fourth child. He had to undertake any work so as not to starve. However, despite the difficult life, he loved to laugh and talented parody famous people. Once, the sister photographed him during such a family concert and secretly sent a photo to a humorous contest. And … Adriano won, receiving a prize of 100,000 lire. This prompted him to begin a career as a comedian.

Adriano Celentano.jpg

Brad Pitt

Immediately after school, Bradd Pitt worked as a driver, furniture collector, and even a barker in a restaurant dressed as a chicken (who celebrities worked until their fame, read here). Once he was tired of it, he began attending acting classes and got into his first film on an ad in the newspaper – it was the role of a waiter in the drama "The Neutral Strip".

Neutral Strip.jpg

Jet lee

Jet Li's childhood was quite ordinary, until at the age of 2 he lost his father. Then a mother with five children in her arms was on the verge of poverty, because of this Jet Li even went to school one year later. At school, he tried to practice Wushu, and the coach immediately noticed his success, offered to study for free. So the future actor began to win in competitions and went global. In the USA, at the age of 18, he was noticed and offered to act in films. Jet was expected of the same fame as Bruce Lee had in his time. The first role of the young man was the role in the film "Shaolin Temple."

Shaolin Temple.jpg

Charlize Theron

The actress of South African descent moved to the United States at the age of 18 and at first was a model, however, having lost her job, she was left without a livelihood. After waiting, finally, for a money transfer from her mother in the amount of $ 500, Charlize went to the bank, where the employee was afraid to cash out a check issued in another country. Theron made such an emotional scandal that impresario John Herth and Rene Russo drew her attention: he left the girl a business card, and some time later he invited him to the casting. At first, Charlize starred in an episode of the film "Children of the Corn-3: City Harvest", but her acting career did not stop there.

Charlize Theron.jpg

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