Actors who abandoned the role and regretted


They missed their chance, abandoning the role in the movie, which became a cult. For what achievements and for what reason? In our selection of actors and actresses who prefer completely different roles. Did they regret it?

Hugh Jackman – Bond?

By the way, Hugh Jackman was offered the role of Agent 007 in the movie "Casino Royale", but he has already started acting in the X-Men. Jackman later admitted that Bond could have been his role for many years, and the role of Wolverine was more interesting. However, it would be interesting to see Bond performed by Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman.jpg

Deryl Hannah – Beauty Vivian?

Deryl Hannah was offered a role in the film Beauty, but she refused, considering this role humiliating, because a girl of easy virtue becomes a lady "thanks to a rich man." But Julia Roberts glorified this role.

Deryl Hannah.jpg

Gwyneth Paltrow and the Titanic?

Gwyneth Paltrow was the first female candidate for the role of Rosa in Titanic. Director James Cameron for a long time persuaded the actress for this role, but she did not agree. But Kate Winslet pursued the director and begged to take her. And not in vain.

Gwyneth Paltrow.jpg

Russell Crowe – Wolverine?

It is difficult to imagine Russell Crowe in the role of Wolverine, but this role was offered to him, but the actor requested too high a fee. The role went to such an eminent actor, but now for his work, Hugh Jackman receives huge sums.

Russell Crowe.jpg

Dana Delaney – Carrie Bradshaw?

It is difficult to imagine someone other than Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, and Dana Delaney could play her. The actress refused the cult role, saying that she does not want to be associated only with the topic of sex. However, later she regretted it. On the other hand, in her filmography there are also significant roles – in the series Desperate Housewives and Investigation in the Body.

Dana Delaney.jpg

John Travolta – Forrest Gump?

John Travolta could become Forrest Gump, but he refused the role and later bit his elbows. And Tom Hanks this role brought the Oscar.

John Travolta.jpg

Michelle Pfeiffer and Silence of the Lambs

The role of detective Clarice Starling was originally proposed by Michelle Pfeiffer, but she refused. Later, when Jodie Foster received an Oscar, Pfeiffer probably regretted her decision.

Michelle Pfeiffer.jpg

Kelly Lynch and Basic Instinct

The role of the seductive writer Katherine Trammel in "Basic Instinct" could go to Kelly Lynch. But the actress refused, and instead took on the role of Sharon Stone. And that was the best decision, we can no longer imagine this film without Stone.

Kelly Lynch.jpg

Bruce Willis – a ghost?

Bruce Willis refused to play the ghost in the melodrama Ghost, and Patrick Swayze fit into this role perfectly. Later, Willis nevertheless played the ghost in the movie The Sixth Sense.

Bruce Willis.jpg

Tom Selek – Indiana Jones?

It was actor Tom Selek who was supposed to be Indiana Jones, but at the last moment he refused because of filming in another project, which eventually was postponed, but the role has already gone from Selek to Harrison Ford.

Tom Selek.jpg

Julia Roberts and Shakespeare in Love

Julia Roberts was supposed to play Viola in Shakespeare in Love, but she refused because her boyfriend Daniel Day-Lewis refused to play in this film. The role went to Gwyneth Paltrow, who received an Oscar.

Julia Roberts.jpg

Will Smith – Neo?

Will Smith refused the role of Neo in The Matrix, considering it unpromising. The role went to Keanu Reeves and gave him a new wave of popularity. Smith probably regretted his choice, starring in the movie "Wild, Wild West."

Will Smith.jpg

Alexander Potapov – Shurik?

Alexander Potapov could play the famous Shurik, but he did not show due interest in this role, he was passionate about the theater and could not meet with the director Gaidai. As a result, the role went to Alexander Demyanenko, and Potapov himself later admitted that he had missed a very important role.

Alexander Potapov.jpg

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