Actors of the series Rebellious Spirit 18 years later


The first episodes of the Argentinean youth series were released in 2002, but he only got to Russia in 2004. In those years, “Rebellious Spirit” attracted the attention of many viewers, especially adolescents, because it was shot about the life and relationships of young men and women in a boarding school, as well as the formation of their musical group Erreway. It is noteworthy that the characters were played by real teenagers at the age of 15-20 years, and not 25-year-olds, as is often found in youth films. We decided to find out how the actors who have played their roles in this series 18 years ago have changed and what they are doing.

Mia Colucci (actress Luisana Lopilato)

May 18, Luisana Lopilato turns 33 years old, she was born in the capital of Argentina – Buenos Aires. The girl was not at all afraid of the camera and coped well with her task, but it was not easy for her to combine work with study. Even in the process of filming, Luciana was part of the Erreway group, which acted after the end of the series, but in 2004 she left the group.
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Luciana also worked as a model and starred in many Argentinean television series. In November 2010, she entered the list of "100 sexiest women in the world", taking 17th place. Since 2011, the actress has been married to musician Michael Buble, they have three children: sons Noah and Elias and daughter Vida.

Marissa Pia Spirito (actress Camilla Bordonaba)

The actress, who played the main rebel in the Elite Way College, was born on September 4, 1984 in Mar del Plata. As a child, Camilla was engaged in swimming and gymnastics, but, having got into the series “Rebellious Spirit”, she became an actress and starred in television series and films until 2011, and then quit her acting career.
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In 2008, Camilla built her own art school for children from poor families. In 2010, together with Felipe Colombo and a friend of Willy Lorenzo, she created the group La Miss Tijuana. Camilla also tours with a street theater. Little is known about Camille's personal life, she is not married, and she has no children.

Pablo Bustamante (actor Benjamin Rojas)

The most popular college guy who met many female characters was played by Benjamin Rojas, who was born on April 16, 1985. He was also part of the Erreway group, after which he joined the RoCo group, which includes Felipe Colombo. During the time of the series "Rebellious Spirit" Benhamin met with Camilla. It is not known with whom he is meeting now, but in 2018 he became a father, his daughter's name is Rita.
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Manuel Aguirre (actor Felipe Colombo)

The actor was born on January 8, 1983 in Mexico City. He played in the series the role of a guy who entered a prestigious college on his own. Felipe was also a member of the Erreway group. In the process of filming Rebellious Spirit, he had a relationship with Luisana Lopilato, it was up to the wedding, but they broke up. After parting, Felipe met Cecilia Coronado, with whom he is still in a relationship, in 2009 he had a daughter, Aurora.
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Thomas Escurra (actor Jorge Mahio)

Jorge was born on November 2, 1982. In the television series "Rebellious Spirit", he played the role of a notorious womanizer. Now the actor is 37 years old, for some time he went on tour with the Erreway band as a backing vocalist and dancer, and also starred in the TV series “Where Dreams Live”. By the way, with the actors from this series, he assembled a new musical group Rolabogan. Jorge also works on television as a leading and sports commentator. Mahyo's personal life is hidden from prying eyes, but, as far as is known, he has no wife and children.
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Felicitas Miter (actress Angeles Balbiiani)

Angeles was born on August 7, 1982, from the age of three she worked in the modeling business. In “Rebellious Spirit”, she got the role of a pysheka-friend of Mia Kalucci. After she starred, like many of her partners in the series, in another series – “Floricienta”. In 2007, Angeles married and gave birth to a son, whom she named Benhamin.
Now, in the actress, you are unlikely to recognize the little girl Felicitas – she is in excellent physical shape and participates in various television shows.
Angeles Balbiani.jpg

Marcos Aguilar (actor Diego Garcia)

Diego Garcia played the role of a shy bison guy. The actor was born on February 8, 1983. The actor is not like his character – sports, is fond of horse riding. Until 2011, he acted in films, but now has retrained as an equestrian coach. Little is known about his personal life, but he often appears in the photo with his girlfriend.
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Guido Lassen (actor Diego Mesaglio)

Diego played an arrogant guy from a poor family who pretended to be rich among his own man. Born in 1984, the actor starred in several TV shows: Children, Floricient, Romeo and Juliet, but in 2013 there was an accident with the actor – he lost his sight in one eye due to alcohol splashing into him. Moreover, the actions of doctors did not help save the eye, and during the treatment with hormonal drugs, the actor recovered greatly. Now he hopes that the next operation will improve the quality of his life.
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Victoria Paz / Vico (actress Victoria Maurette)

The best friend of Felicitas and Mia, suffering from a divorce from her parents and beating her father, was played by Victoria Maurette, who was born on July 30, 1982. Victoria was also a backing vocalist and dancer for Erreway. Later, she starred in the films "Abandoned to Die" and "Predator: The Rebirth of the Devil" and others. The actress is married, she has a daughter, Emma.

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