About me

Hi! My name is Edwin C. Reade!Born in 1982. He first sat down for a computer in 1990, and for a console in 1992. Since then, there have been probably tens of thousands of games, many of which I remember, love and appreciate. On this occasion, I even opened and hosted the column “Retro” in the magazines “PC Games” and “Country Games”, and for several years wrote cunning tests on knowledge of the history of video games in the magazine “Gambling”.

Since 2007 – officially in the gaming industry. I started as a copywriter at Russobit-M, but I was scathingly criticized of the publishing house’s games and was taken to the production department (to do specific things, not criticize them). In 2009, the crisis finally reached the domestic gaming industry, and I switched to the side with cookies – I started to develop a pro bono MMORPG as a project manager, a leading game designer, producer, and generally Responsible for Everything.

At the end of 2013, I was tired of experimenting with personal time, and I became a simple “mobile gamemaker”, and literally: I moved to Estonia to develop a “car” MMORPG for Android – Nitro Nation Online.

In November 2015, after the blog was launched, I was invited to the “research” department of Wargaming.net. There, I’m not looking for “aircraft tanks”, but for new opportunities in the video game market.