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8 famous losers who were not prevented by poor grades from succeeding

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 14th August 2019

Parents told all of us: “Study well, no one needs college students.” And which of the celebrities did the bad grades prevent from building a career and become famous? And how did they succeed?

Natalya Vodyanova

Russian Cinderella studied poorly at school. She simply did not have time to study: one of her sisters, Oksana, was ill with cerebral palsy, and later she was diagnosed with autism. In addition, the father left the family, so the 11-year-old Natasha helped her mother take care of her sister, and also earned money in the market, carrying heavy boxes of fruit. After school, Natalia entered the Nizhny Novgorod Pedagogical College – she did not think about the career of a model then. At 16, a friend brought her to a modeling agency, after which Vodianova was invited to the casting of the French agency Viva in Moscow. And then came an invitation to Paris. However, she managed to make a brilliant career as a model. Now Natalya is raising five children and does not need anything.

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Singer Nyusha

In the elementary grades, the future singer studied "excellently", but then she became interested in creativity, tried to sing and began to study worse. She was also often blamed for her bad behavior: the girl was a kid and could engage in fights.
The future artist dreamed more about the stage: “I loved only those school subjects that were associated with creativity or active behavior, that is, physical education, visual arts, drawing and work. And in other lessons I just did that I was distracted, painted and sang … ”- said Nyusha in an interview.

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Maria Aronova

The granite of science for the future actress was given with difficulty. If Maria pulled the Russian language and literature into “four” and “five,” then she was not given the exact sciences, which is why many classmates and teachers considered her not far off. However, the parents did not scold their daughter for the “troika” and “deuce”.
But Maria from childhood showed acting talent: at home she staged improvised performances. In 1990, she entered the Schukin School and later became a famous theater and film actress.

Maria Aronova

Fedor Bondarchuk

Young Fedor studied poorly. His performance was zero, he smoked, often entered into fights. His parents were often called to school, but his father was in constant traveling, so his mother had to puff for her son.
Fedor even managed to fail the exams when entering MGIMO, having received a "deuce" for his essay. But his father insisted on entering the VGIK. Today Fedor is one of the most famous Russian actors and directors.

Fedor Bondarchuk

Ekaterina Klimova

The exact sciences of Katya were very difficult, so I had to pass exams using tricks. For example, Ekaterina Klimova bribed teachers with chocolates, flowers, and somewhere just a kind word. But since childhood, she loved to take part in amateur theater productions. And she graduated from the Shchepkinsky school with honors.

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Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa was born in the Orenburg region. She studied at the same school where her mother taught, and therefore mother often received reprimands for her daughter's bad behavior. Contrary to all standards, Larisa wore short skirts, dyed and even smoked. After graduation, the girl decided to realize her dream – to become an actress – and went to Leningrad. Courage and innovative solutions helped her enter the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography.

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Julia Snigir

The actress admits that she was a “queen” at the Shchukin school. At the time of her studies at the theater, she already became famous and she simply sorely lacked time to fully cover the curriculum. The real fame came to Julia after the role of Catherine II in the film "The Great". But even before her, Julia did not sit without work: she began by teaching English, then worked as a model, and later became an actress.

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Alla Pugacheva

Primadonna cannot be called lagging behind at school, but yes, she is a hooligan and a “triple”. Her classmates gave her the nickname "Feldfebel" for her severe temper.
Her favorite subjects were only literature, work and singing. After the 8th grade, Pugacheva entered the conducting and choral department of the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music College. At first she studied at the "five", but then began recording, touring …
In 1968, after a trip to the Far North, Alla could not pass the final exams, and only a year later she received a diploma of secondary music education.

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