6 celebrities who sharply aged


Whether you are famous or not, it does not matter – everyone is aging. The passage of time cannot be reversed, however, some stars manage to look equally good at any age. Someone is aging slowly and beautifully, but the heroes of our selection today sharply aged and changed beyond recognition.

Nadezhda Granovskaya

Now the former soloist of the ViaGra group, a beautiful brunette with a lush bust, is 37 years old. But without makeup, she looks older than her age. What happened to Nadezhda after leaving the group when she disappeared from the screens?

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In 2002, Nadezhda left the group due to pregnancy, and later returned to it. In 2006, Granovskaya again left the group at the peak of its popularity and began working on the Ukrainian television channel STB, the host of the program “Incredible Love Stories”.
Now Nadezhda acts under her real name Meicher, she has three children.

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Larisa Guzeeva

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Larisa Guzeeva felt on herself all the difficulties of early and rapid glory, as well as unsuccessful marriage. After the release of "Cruel Romance", on the set, she met her first husband, Ilya, an assistant operator. Later it turned out that her lover was using drugs, and, either in spite of him, or out of hopelessness, Larisa began to drink. This is not the best way affected her career and appearance. At 30, the actress ceased to be like her beautiful heroine from The Cruel Romance, and she was not offered significant roles.

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Elena Korikova

The star of the series "Poor Nastya" was admired by fans. In the early 2000s, she was considered one of the main beauties of Russian television, often starred in various photo shoots.

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Elena was very proud of her beauty, and many journalists were surprised how she had not changed for 15 years. But time still took its toll. If you go to the artist’s instagram, you can see that Elena still has a gorgeous figure, looks after herself, but age-related changes have become visible on her face.


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Elena Safonova

The star of the series "Winter Cherry" Elena Safonova has always sought to look good. And I must say, she succeeded. She always kept her slender figure, inherent in her aristocracy. But in the early 2000s, the actress began to look older than her years. She is now 62 years old, and without makeup, not all fans will recognize her. Although this does not detract from her talent.


Marina Khlebnikova

In the 90s, Marina was one of the brightest and most popular pop singers. Her songs "Cup of Coffee" and "Rains" were real hits. Moreover, she looked simply gorgeous and dressed very brightly, attracting glances.

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Then Marina disappeared from the scene. It turned out that she had health problems: dental problems and a cyst led to sinusitis during treatment. After the operations, Marina is difficult to sing. Despite the fact that over the years the singer has aged, and those who have not seen her for 20 years, it is difficult to take on her new look, she dresses stylishly and looks after herself.


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Elena Yakovleva

Elena Yakovleva is already 58 years old, and she starred in a mass of famous paintings, such as Interdevochka, Ankor, More Ankor, Kamenskaya, Sklifosovsky, Vangelia. Until the age of 45, Elena looked beautiful and retained her charm, but after 2013 her appearance underwent changes, the actress switched to "age" roles.


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