4 signs of the zodiac, which are lucky this week (catch luck)



In quarantine, it's time to spin the wheel of fortune and play with fate. Be attentive to the signs of fate and do not miss your chance.


The week will be very unusual for you. Luck and ease in achieving goals will accompany. People around you will be very friendly, even those with whom you have not the warmest relationship. Do not be embarrassed and do not look for a trick – the reason is that your charm now works one hundred percent.

Use the moment to get like-minded people or normalize relationships with someone. And do not forget to buy a lottery ticket, you may well be lucky.


At the beginning of the week you will feel a surge of strength and inspiration. Use this moment to make plans for the near future, to complete the things that have been postponed for a long time, and to achieve some important goals.

Leisure this week promises to be unusual (even under quarantine) and will definitely bring you positive emotions. Good luck accompanies you in everything, so it's time to take the first step towards your dream!


During this week there is a chance that you will finally be able to understand your nature and realize your place in life. Interest in everything that surrounds you will increase. Any initiative has a high chance of being realized. Act!


For you, the week will be very successful! With surprising ease, you can solve a number of issues and tasks that seemed difficult – this will bring a lot of free time and a charge of self-confidence.

In your work, you will be very active and proactive, so there is every chance to increase your authority in the eyes of superiors and colleagues. Good luck in everything that concerns finance, you are guaranteed!


Saona, tarologist and psychologist

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