12 stars that do not change hairstyles for years


We have repeatedly written about famous personalities who “cracked” the secret of eternal youth, but forgot about another factor that allows us to assume that they do not change over the years. It is about constancy in the choice of clothes and hairstyles. While some with age increasingly shorten their hair length and lighten, others continue to maintain the hairstyle of their youth.

Jennifer Aniston

In fact, if we take a good look at Jennifer at age 20, during the filming of the series Friends, these days, the difference in styling and hair color will be noticeable. But in a global sense, after Aniston lightened the strands and began to straighten them at the dawn of his career, it still seems to us that it does not change.

Jennifer Aniston.jpg

Demmy Moor

Yes, we still remember how Demi Moore shaved her head in the 1997 film “Jane's Soldier” and wore a short haircut in the 1990 ghost melodrama. But since the late 90s, we have been observing her with long, shiny hair. Moreover, the actress tries to carefully paint over the gray hair.

Demi Moore.jpg

Anna Wintour

Who-who, and this woman knows a lot about fashion for sure! But having created her own corporate identity (restrained chic and bob hairstyle with a straight bang), she has not been cheating on him for decades. Dresses became a little longer with age, the shade of hair was slightly lighter, but the image of Anna Wintour is as recognizable as possible.

Anna Wintour.jpg

Jennifer connelly

The actress not only does not change her dark brown hair color and length below her shoulders, but even she did not pluck her thick eyebrows at a time when it was at the height of fashion.

Jennifer Connelly.jpg

Gisele Bündchen

You probably can’t remember when you saw a Brazilian supermodel with short and dark hair. She always adheres to the length of the shoulder blades, with naturally curled curls of golden hue.

Gisele Bundchen.jpg

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress always remains a long-haired blonde. True, for the sake of some roles, she changed the shade of her hair to a copper one (Iron Man), and she cut her hair short in the late 90s, but we have not been seeing global changes for a couple of decades.

Gwyneth Paltrow.jpg

Kate Middleton

Of course, Kate Middleton sometimes plays with a shade of hair and styling: then her hair is absolutely straight, then with curled ends. Before the advent of children, she even wore bangs. But in general, her image is recognizable: prim clothes, hats according to royal etiquette and long brown hair.

Kate Middleton.jpg

Lucy Lew

Long, mirror-smooth hair and an open forehead – this is how we imagine actress Lucy Liu. If you compare her photo of different years, you would think that they were shot with a difference of a couple of days.

Lucy Liu.jpg

Jamie Lee Curtis

She is an amazing example of how at 60 you can remain as slim and energetic as at 30. It is difficult to imagine an actress with long hair – so she goes with the variations of the pixie haircut. With age, only the color of the hair changed from light brown to gray.

Jamie Lee Curtis.jpg

Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria always remains true to blond and luxurious long hair. This is the peculiarity of her feminine style. Only the shape of the eyebrows has noticeably changed.

Victoria Lopyreva.jpg

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Having naturally a beautiful shade of hair that harmonizes with pale skin, Svetlana remains a blonde and, even trying on a brunette image for the sake of the film, most often uses wigs.

Svetlana Khodchenkova.jpg

Irina Allegrova

The image of the scandalous empress was firmly entrenched in the singer. Her clarified curls were most often trimmed in a cascade, and the styling was alternated in the following order: either a bulk pile or small curls. In the late 1990s, Irina Allegrova suddenly became a brunette with short hair, but she quickly returned to her usual style.

Irina Allegrova.jpg

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