10 books for an unusual gift for the New Year


Contrary to popular belief, a book is not the best gift. Better when you give a stack of books. Ahead of eight days of long New Year holidays. Stock up on reading, choose gifts for loved ones, relatives and yourself.

Tatyana Polyakova “The voice calling in the night”


An adventurous detective novel with wonderful intrigue and familiar protagonists is the fifth book in a series about a private detective, Vladana Maric and his faithful assistant Pauline. The girl is finally happy: she achieved her goal, now with Vladan they are together 24 hours a day – both at work and at home. But building a family and having children while living in an area called Yama is highly doubtful. As if to confirm this, the deputy head of the Life Without Drugs Foundation is addressing Vladan. He asks to investigate the murder of the founder of the fund, Olga Vasina. Three months passed, but the crime was never solved. Who are the law enforcement bodies so afraid of that they are not able to bring to trial? Despite Olga’s reluctance, Vladan gets down to business. It turns out that even charity has a dark side – something strange is happening in this fund …

Oleg Roy “With Love”


The popular writer and author of sentimental novels Oleg Roy knows well what love is. He admits that every time he writes books, he worries with his characters, loses his head, hurries on a date, does not sleep at night, tries to confess his feelings and does not find words. Fortunately, the latter is not true, otherwise this gift edition would not have existed. “About Love” is a vibrantly collected collection of quotes and an essay by Oleg Roy about great feeling. The writer begins a gentle conversation that reflects on how much love is important to us and how not to lose it. An ideal book for creating a romantic mood and immersion in warm uncomplicated emotions that can transform even the grayest day.

Masha Traub "The trouble"


Each novel by Masha Traub is a strong emotional narrative and difficult life situations that need to be addressed immediately. At the center of the new story is the brilliant psychotherapist Lyudmila Nikandrovna. She helps people, but who will help her, a strong woman who carries the burden of not only strangers, but also her family problems? An alcoholic brother, a mother suffering from dementia, a confused daughter and a granddaughter-preschooler who needs to be raised and raised, all their problems fall on Lyudmila's shoulders. But one day she has a chance to take the patient’s place and tell her story to a stranger who can help her just by listening. Confession story becomes a way of healing from spiritual wounds, helps to see the light in the dark and find a solution to life's problems.

Tatyana Ustinova “Earring of Artemis”


The perfect book for fans of detective stories and family sagas. In her new intriguing novel, Tatyana Ustinova skillfully combines two genres and tells an exciting story that cannot be torn away. Seventeen-year-old Nastya enters the theater and becomes a witness to the terrible murder of a young actress, star of television series. Now the girl is in danger, but she does not even suspect that not only she, but her whole family is risking her life: mother and grandmother. Each keeps a terrible secret and each has to go through difficult trials in order to avoid the terrible and finally establish relations with each other.

Dina Rubina «Napoleon convoy. Angel Horn

cover1 (5) .jpg

The long-awaited final part of the legendary trilogy of Dina Rubina. In the final book, the tragic love story of Hope and Aristarchus takes on a truly Shakespearean dimension. Finally, the lovers will meet, as if there were no long years of separation and a bitter past with terrible mistakes. No, of course, everything was. Memories of how Nadezhda was building a book publishing business in the 90s, and Aristarchus emigrated to Israel and became a prison doctor. But the meeting of modern Orpheus and Eurydice will be short-lived, they are destined to part again. The reason for this is a long family history related to the legacy of the Napoleonic officer Aristarch Bouguereau. The exciting ending excites, evokes strong emotions and gives readers the happiness of empathy.

Sergey Bubnovsky “Office without risk to health. Charging for office plankton »


Office life is boring and … dangerous. We spend long working hours sitting in front of the computer, which negatively affects our health. The new book of the famous doctor-kinesitherapist, doctor of medical sciences Sergey Bubnovsky is necessary for every office worker: manager, designer, IT specialist and other specialists. Bubnovsky tells how to get rid of back pain, lower back, hands and feet, as well as headaches with a few simple exercises. “Office without health risks” will help you forget about chronic fatigue syndrome, increase productivity and most importantly – start taking care of yourself and your health in time.

Maria Metlitskaya “Another Faith”


A touching, piercing novel about love and fidelity from a recognized master of psychological female prose. Vera’s life was not sweet. A happy childhood ended in an instant – a terrible accident claimed the lives of parents, and after that there was no beloved grandfather. But Vera seemed to have received another chance for happiness – fate gave her Robert, her first love and her first man, father of her only son. But, alas, the marriage broke up. And again Vera is incredibly lucky; she meets Gennady, with whom they have to live thirty long, prosperous years. But are they happy? On her son’s wedding day, Vera asks this question and constantly recalls past love. Something gnaws at her, forcing her to return to the past, where a completely different life remained.

Marina Berkovskaya "HORMONIC Body"


More than 80% of women complain of dissatisfaction with their appearance, overweight and chronic stress. An excellent diagnostician and endocrinologist Marina Berkovskaya explains the wonders of the biochemistry of our body and makes it clear how hormones affect our body and what needs to be done in order to take care of ourselves in a timely manner. How to avoid diabetes? What hormone tests should be taken annually, and which are a waste of money? How to prepare for a visit to an endocrinologist? Marina Berkovskaya answers these and many other questions in a simple language in her book, which is a real fascinating reference book on endocrinology.

Heather Burch's Garden of Hope


A romantic bewitching novel about family secrets, the charm of love and the power of forgiveness. To inherit an estate with a lush tropical garden on an island off the coast of Florida is a true dream. But Charity Baxter is not so happy. This house keeps her fond memories, which after the death of her beloved grandmother respond with pain. Since childhood, Charity has problems communicating with people and, being at home, immersed in pottery and often walks in the garden. Her neighbor Dalton Reynolds, a landscape designer, is becoming not only an assistant, but also a true friend. His help is needed, soon unpleasant relatives will fly into the house, and Charity will need all the strength and a little magic to forgive them for their terrible past.

Miki Agrawal "Template Destroyer"


Doing your own way and being yourself is the only way to be happy. This is guided by Miki Agraval, an American entrepreneur who founded a startup in 32, which turned into a business with a turnover of $ 150 million a year. She is among the top 25 young inventors according to TIME magazine and the list of 20 richest millennials according to Forbes magazine. In her book, she challenges society and talks about 13 patterns that are worth destroying in order to live a happy, eventful, amazing life. Miki is fighting for women's rights and not afraid to raise taboo topics in business and life. Her book is a real drive, an energy that grants courage and inspires incredible exploits.

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