When everything is tired: 5 non-standard ways to spend time in quarantine



It is becoming more and more difficult to sit at home every day, and isolation will last another 2 weeks. To brighten up the May holidays and not think about where you could be instead of home, take your head and hands. We found some interesting and useful options.

Most have been in quarantine for more than a month in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Many bloggers and celebrities began to share how you can spend this time profitably. But most of these lists are no different from each other: read books, play sports and chat with family. But after a month, even the most active and correct home regimen, everything got tired. Cheer up and do these 5 things.

1. Disassemble all cabinets

Remeasure all clothing and shoes. Understand what you will still wear and what not. Just think about whether you really need this jacket, which you bought two years ago, you did not wear even once.

Yes, now you can’t come to the store with unnecessary things, hand them over there and get a discount. But you can send them to charity or sell on special sites – you will have an additional amount to update the wardrobe after isolation.

2. Remember board gamesBoard games

Now they have become popular again: in many cafes, coworking there are whole racks with a huge selection. But they have almost nothing to do with the games that we played with our mothers in childhood.

Monopoly, Emanginarium, Svintus and others perfectly develop children and occupy adults. They really help to diversify pastime with the family during quarantine. They can be easily ordered home delivery.

3. Go to the theater

But in an unusual way. Now many theaters have begun showing online performances or posting recordings of new ones that previously could not be found on the Internet (for example, the Bolshoi Theater).

We had the opportunity to spend time in the “theater" in absolutely comfortable conditions, especially if it was not interesting to you. Tickets for many performances are very expensive, and at home on the screen you can enjoy art for free. A great alternative to bored series and a good way to instill in children a love of aesthetics.

4. Experiment with appearancecolor-coloring.jpg

They dreamed of dyeing their hair pink and cutting their hair, but didn’t know if it would suit you? They wanted to make a rock-style hairstyle, but they won’t understand at work? Quarantine is the best time to experiment. If it turns out unsuccessfully, no one will see this, except at home.

Make an unusual hairstyle or make-up, shave whiskey, even if you are already over 40. Do not be afraid – when, if not now, you can understand in which way you really feel comfortable?

5. Explore your country

No one knows exactly when the pandemic will take place and when the borders between all countries will be reopened. It's time to pay attention to interesting places in Russia, to make a travel map.

You can specify in detail the route along which you want to drive or go when self-isolation ends. In which city or place where you need to go, where you need to stay longer, and where you need to buy ferry tickets in advance. You will enjoy such a small trip no less than relaxing in your favorite resort.


Nadine Serovski @nadin_serovski

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