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Uniform: 8 “duty” images of stars for any situation

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 8th October 2019

“Nothing to wear” – for those who have a taste, such a problem is not able to spoil the mood. After all, you can always resort to a proven image that most favorably emphasizes your merits. Famous women from our article have a lot to learn. Perhaps their “duty” images will come in handy for you too.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is rarely seen in a dress; rather, you will meet her in a suit or trousers and shirt. Moreover, her shirts are usually quite simple, male cut, often oversized, but tucked into trousers. What is noteworthy, she skillfully selects sets: her trousers and blouse are always designed in the same style and color scheme. Sometimes Victoria throws on her jacket. She also prefers elegant suits or tuxedos to go out.

What can be adopted from Victoria Beckham: a uniform style at the top and bottom of the kit, a loose fit of trousers and a length that almost covers the shoes, which visually lengthens the legs.

Victoria Beckham.jpg

Melania Trump

What distinguishes the style of Melania Trump as the first lady? That's right – a carefully thought out and business style. All her outfits can be divided into practical trouser sets and feminine looks (skirts and dresses). Almost any image of Melania complements with stilettos with bright colors. In combination with a strict business suit, they seem to scream that we have a stylish and attractive woman.

What can be adopted from Melania Trump: elegant and at the same time boring business style, for example, an A-line dress with an emphasis on the waist, a coat of a rich pure shade and one bright emphasis on the accessory – shoes or a handbag.

Melania Trump.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker dresses not so extravagantly as her character Kerry Bradshaw. And it is justified! In life, her style is much more concise, but it consists of basic things that the actress does not change. Necessarily in her wardrobe there are skinny jeans of gray color, with light scuffs or torn edges. Any pair of jeans is combined with such jeans: from a bright T-shirt to a gray cardigan. Dresses are necessarily fitted, midi lengths – and are necessarily complemented with stilettos in contrasting colors.

What can be adopted from Sarah Jessica Parker: the ability to wear heels, making shoes a kind of "chip", the center of attraction of attention.

Sarah Jessica Parker.jpg

Cindy Crawford

“Jeans and a shirt are our everything,” Cindy Crawford can safely say. When it comes to glossy covers or red carpets, the former supermodel turns into a woman in jeans. But instead of t-shirts with strange prints and stretched jumpers, she prefers classic-style shirts, and most often she can be seen in a white or plaid shirt. Cindy Crawford also loves plain trouser suits.

What can be adopted from Cindy Crawford: the ability to look stylish in simple basic things.

Cindy Crawford.jpg

Singer Zara

Singer Zara has her secret: if you don’t know what to wear, dress in black and white. These universal colors helped out more than one woman. Black always slim, white – refreshing complexion. A contrasting combination of both colors creates a great variety of combinations.

What can be adopted from Zara: be sure to purchase a perfectly fitting black dress in your basic wardrobe, or maybe not just one. For example, one of the dress options can be shortened with closed shoulders, and the second – maxi length, but with an open back or top.


Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk, on duty, tries on a variety of images: from frank swimsuits to bright leather jackets on her naked body. But in ordinary life it is noticeable that the girl dresses quite simply and practically. The most favorite set of Irina Shayk is a black turtleneck and jeans. Well, a turtleneck made of good material favorably emphasizes a slender figure, visually giving a bust to volume.

What can be adopted from Irina Shayk: in pursuit of fashionable styles, do not forget about classic, well-fitting things. To focus not on clothes, but on your face, make-up.

Irina Shayk.jpg

Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova’s style is difficult to describe in one word, but the most appropriate wording is a vintage-bohemian style. She dresses like a Parisian of the 1930s, then sends us her outfit to the 1950s, while always rethinking her image, adding modern notes. Most often these are massive boots on the platform or with spikes and other “aggressive” elements. At the same time, Renata Litvinova knows how to proudly wear red lipstick, Hollywood curls and unusual accessories like a veil or feathers. In ordinary life, the actress and director looks more relaxed, but still retains her charm. You can often notice that Litvinova prefers a free cut top with voluminous shoulders, while the bottom is more tight-fitting, and the legs are often open.

What can be adopted from Renata Litvinova: a carefully thought-out image. If oversized, then only in one element of the wardrobe, if the legs are slender, then you should not hide them, it is better to shift the focus on them.

Renata Litvinova.jpg

Olga Orlova

“Unisex fashion? No, they haven’t heard, ”Olga Orlova knows how to emphasize her forms and look spectacular. She does not change her style and even at work (by the way, on the shooting of the show “Dom-2”) she prefers to wear a tight-fitting dress with an open neckline. Olga has not only her favorite style in clothes, but also her favorite pose, in which her virtues look most advantageous.

What can be borrowed from Olga Orlova: not to be afraid to wear frankly sexy outfits, be able to give yourself profitable, look perfect every day.

Olga Orlova.jpg

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