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TOP 9 of the strangest and ugliest sights in the world

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 7th October 2019

There are enough architectural monuments on our planet from which people are breathtaking. These memorials and buildings are included in the lists of the most significant places to visit. But sometimes in an attempt to become original, sculptors and architects create anti-masterpieces that can fit into the list of attractions that are not worth the waste of your time.

Monument to Peter I, Moscow

The 98-meter work of Zurab Tsereteli has become one of the highest monuments in Russia. Rumor has it that the monument was created in honor of Christopher Columbus, but the United States refused this masterpiece, and the statue was redone in Peter the Great. Particularly meticulous researchers found that Peter I was wearing a Spanish gown. They tried to blow up this monument, they carried out an action “You were not standing here” against its installation, but it still rises on a separate island.

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Thumb, Paris

In one of the most prestigious areas of Paris – La Defense – a 12-meter thumb monument was erected. It is good that they decided to install the original creation of Caesar Baldachini among modern high-rises, otherwise it would look very strange in the historical center of Paris. By the way, copies of the thumb were also made for the USA and South Korea.

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Monument enema, Zheleznovodsk

The enema monument (the only one in Russia and in the world) appeared in 2008. The city is known for its sanatoriums, and the local head physician of one of them decided to erect a monument near one of the entrance to one of the key elements of the treatment procedures.

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Statue Verity, UK

An unusual statue of a woman is located on the south coast of the Gulf of Bristol in Ilfracom. The sculpture by Damien Hirst looks very original: a 66-meter pregnant woman holds a sword in her outstretched hand, but the most shocking detail of the sculpture is that it is divided into two halves. On the one hand, a woman looks quite trivial, and on the other, her skeleton and a child in the stomach are shown in section.

Statue of verity

Monument to cheese, Moscow

In 2005, on the Rustaveli street, near the Karat cheese factory, a monument to the Crow and the Fox was erected. Perhaps the processed cheese "Friendship" in their hands was the best detail of the monument. Otherwise, the fox and the crow hardly guessed in the silhouettes of the statue, while the locals generally called them a couple of drinking buddies with a snack. In 2008, a curious situation happened: the cheese was stolen, but it was found five days later in neighboring yards. Be that as it may, a little later the monument was dismantled.


Monument to graduates of 1941, Sergiev Posad

A few years ago, in the city of Sergiev Posad, a monument depicting waltzing graduates was erected on Kuznetsov Boulevard. Local residents were immediately indignant at the fact that the graduate’s chest was bare and dresses on her were practically invisible. The creator of the sculpture was the clergyman Evgeny Antonov. He justified his ideas as follows: “This is an allegory of youth and freshness. Clothes on the figures are. Just through it you can see the details that cannot be denied. How can not deny human physiology. " A little later, the statue was redone.

Monument to graduates 1941.jpg

Experience Music Project, Seattle

The museum fully reflects the concept of modern art, which is not understood by many people. Apparently, the building with its ugly facade prepares visitors for those strange and ridiculous installations that await them inside.

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Zizkov Television Tower, Prague

One of the ugliest buildings in Europe is considered a television tower in the city of Prague. This 216-meter building was built in 1986-1992. It resembles three pillars of different diameters and heights, interconnected by asymmetric platforms. Perhaps the creator of the project was inspired by the view of the rocket at the start, but the view at the tower is terrifying. Perhaps in order to give this architectural structure a more attractive appearance, the tower was illuminated in the dark and giant babies were added, climbing up.

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Torre Velazca Tower, Milan

The tower was built in the late 1950s and, as it were, symbolized a tandem of the past with its castles and fortress walls and the future, which is a high-rise building. The result was a very heavy and gloomy building.

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