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To the nail! 5 main trends in manicure this fall

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 8th October 2019

Of course, the rules were created to break them, so no one will forbid you to paint your nails with light green nail polish in the middle of autumn. However, there is still a concept of seasonality, which somehow obliges us to adhere to a certain range, even in manicure.

Black Tears

For a long time it was fashionable to distinguish a hole in a manicure, then the beauty community was covered by a wave of colored french, and now it was replaced by a design with painted drops. The most popular interpretation is when a small white circle is drawn at the base of the nail, from which a black drop appears to flow. How do you like this contrast?

black tears.jpeg


Nothing is more expensive than gold? But no. This season, copper, bronze and metallic shades are more relevant than ever. As a rule, such a gamut does not require additional decor – a deep color looks stylish and expensive, even alone.


Ombre Magenta

Saturated berry shades on the nails are a memory of summer. They look especially interesting in combination with a smooth transition, which in narrow professional circles is called ombre. In order to achieve the effect as in the picture, the master will need to mix three shades of pink.


Hello from the 70s

Lovers of creativity can do a retro manicure in the style of the 70s. Choose a neutral base (for example, dirty yellow) and draw a plain “rainbow” of three stripes. The most harmonious will look burgundy, orange and mustard shades.



Another trend in mono-manicure is purple polish. This color is rightfully considered the most mysterious and mysterious – just look how noble it looks on the nails! Choosing this shade, keep in mind that it should be glossy – matte coatings have long sunk into oblivion.


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