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Things that surprise foreigners in Russia

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 4th October 2019

How different can be life and mentality in different countries. Before going abroad, an experienced tourist studies the culture and characteristics of another people, thinks out the route and book accommodation, but few people wonder how foreign tourists are ready for the surprises that they will face in our country.

turn to the mausoleum


Despite the fact that booking and buying tickets online are increasingly being used, getting to the main attraction on Red Square is a real quest. Tickets can only be bought at the box office, and for this you need to stand in line. The queue depends on the day of the week and time of day. You will also have to stand in an even larger line at the entrance, where there is an inspection. The same can be said of all kinds of exhibitions of famous works of art, visiting the Hermitage – even if you have tickets who want to join the culture so much that sometimes you have to stand 40 minutes in the cold.
Another unpleasant feature of the lines in Russia: even if you ask who the last one is, you won’t get a normal answer, since half of the people in the line are sitting on a bench at the other end of the corridor or have gone somewhere.

pancakes with caviarCulinary delights

In half the dishes of Russian cuisine (borsch, cheesecakes, pancakes) put sour cream, and if not sour cream, then mayonnaise. But the strangest thing you can eat sweet pancakes with (which, incidentally, is not as lush as pancakes) is caviar. Despite the fact that caviar is considered a delicacy, not everyone likes this dish. Foreigners are also afraid of jellied meat, they wonder why they make jelly from meat.

According to foreigners, on holidays the residents of Russia cook in such quantities as if they were fattening for slaughter. And then they suffer from the fact that they can’t finish everything.

Cottage and winter preparations

Many city dwellers leave their tiny apartments on weekends and go on vacation to their summer cottages. It turns out that Russians have wonderful plots of land that are often occupied by tiny wooden huts without amenities, and beautiful lawns and a barbecue area are usually replaced by beds with all kinds of vegetables and herbs, as if they could not be bought in a store. At the same time, people plant seedlings in such quantities that they do not rest in their suburban possessions, but work hard. And, as if that weren’t enough for them, the harvest season begins after harvesting. Thrifty housewives make jam in huge quantities, and then distribute it to everyone they know, shelves in the garage and on the balcony burst with pickles.


The restrooms in public transport are often either absent or look completely horrible. Especially Europeans are shocked by “hole in the floor” toilets, and such can be found not only at train stations in a remote province, but also in Moscow shopping centers. Even in the Moscow metro, toilets appeared literally a couple of years ago at several major interchange stations, and even then you can use them only with the Troika card at hand with a balance of at least 60 rubles. Also, modern automatic booths, where you need to pay for the entrance yourself, bill acceptors jam and do not work, and they may not accept the card.

Things that surprise foreigners in Russia


It turned out that in most Western countries, guests and owners of the house do not take off their shoes, but continue to walk in shoes. In the east, on the contrary, it is often customary to walk barefoot, and slippers can only be used to visit the toilet. But Russia was distinguished by its originality – we go to homes in socks, and some of this is not enough, so they put on slippers. Moreover, slippers (not disposable) are offered to all incoming guests.

Little children alone

In Russia, students of primary and secondary classes themselves get home from school, and sometimes a 12-year-old guy can be seen alone in public transport. Foreigners believe that Russian children are too independent.

Security door with three locks

Foreigners are perplexed: is it really so dangerous in our country that tenants order steel doors for themselves and hang several locks on them? And, apparently, to make such a door less intimidating, it is studded with dermantine.


Women dress up to go to the store

Our fashionistas love to dress up and look their best. Even if they went to the store for groceries, they would never go out in a home sports suit with a bun on their heads. Often, women hardly waddle in high heels, but this, apparently, gives the girls a sense of irresistibility. Even women use bright makeup and red lipstick at work, which is more appropriate for evening events. The Chinese women believe that this is due to the fact that in Russia there is a shortage of men – thus the fair sex is trying to impress potential suitors.

People do not smile at strangers

In Russia, people seem more gloomy than in many other countries. They rarely smile and certainly will not smile at strangers simply in response to a greeting. Also here, to the question "How are you," asked out of politeness, they can openly answer about the painful instead of the duty answer "Everything is fine." Even in the service sector, sellers and administrators are smiling only because of the regulations, and then they do it badly. And in many remote places of our homeland you can still meet the "gloomy barmaid" brought up in the Soviet Union.

All women are approached by a “girl”

In Russia, all girls, regardless of age. Even women aged 50 years may be asked: “Girl, are you coming out?” The whole problem is that we do not have neutral appeals outside of gender and age differences, but foreigners do not know about these features and are very surprised.

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