The new moon will affect health and immunity: a health horoscope for all signs from May 18 to 24



You need to pay maximum attention to sleep, start detox and switch to a light diet.

Venus remains retrograde until June 25 – postpone a radical change in image, even if you really want to go to the salon after they open.

But all week you should do maximum home beauty treatments: peels, depilation, pedicures, pigmentation removal will give maximum results.

May 18

The risk of contracting viral infections is still high, be careful. Be sure to start the morning with a charge or a full workout – the sport will energize for the whole week.

Make a manicure, the coating will last longer than usual. There will be a very good effect from self-massage or facial contour strengthening procedures.

May 19

Do only the familiar beauty treatments and peels (the skin will shine and glow with health). Go to the bathhouse or sauna to enhance the effect and remove toxins from the body.

May 20

Do physical exercises to strengthen the cervical spine and take measures to prevent thyroid disease if you suffer from a disease (it can become inflamed).

Do not forget about the care of the neck and décolleté area, strengthen the hair roots.

May 21st

A very soft and harmonious day for personal care, but the result of a haircut will not please. Refrain from overeating, flour, sweet, fat.

Prepare light meals and try to sleep better – this will help restore strength and recharge with energy for the entire lunar month.

22nd of May

Meet the New Moon in Gemini outdoors if you can. If you have suffered pneumonia or coronavirus, try to save strength, do meditation and yoga. Do breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs.

If you feel a breakdown, do not drink medications, but pay attention to the psychological state. Keep your sleep deep and calm.

May, 23rd

The second lunar day will return vigor and activity. Today it is also useful to strengthen breathing exercises, check the bronchi if something is bothering.

Take care of your hands – do nourishing masks and massage so that your hands stay young for as long as possible.

May 24th

Allergies can occur, viruses will aggravate (you need to be especially careful with the water signs of the zodiac). Give a lymphatic drainage massage and a nourishing mask so that the skin remains firm.

Victoria Gitkis

Victoria Gitkis, astrologer.

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