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Testing as amended: shampoos

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 18th October 2019

No matter how beautiful the praises from the press releases may sound, in reality beauty products can behave very differently. Check out the most interesting funds ventured employees of the magazine "Beauty & Health". This time we got shampoos for testing different types of hair.


Elseve Dream Length, L’Oreal ParisVladlen Rodionov, editor of the Beauty section:

Elseve Dream Length Shampoo for Long and Damaged Hair, L’Oreal Paris
Shampoo from L’Oreal Paris with the saying “Dream Length” came in handy – I am growing my hair now. After tough professional means, I appreciated its soft and gentle effect – the hair is easy to comb and fits well even without styling. Friends immediately noted the natural shine that appeared after the first application. Of course, I did not measure the length of the strands with a ruler before and after the start of testing, so I can not say for sure whether the shampoo affected their growth. But in general, I really liked the tool.

Ekaterina Semenova, executive editor and editor of the “Aesthetics” column:“Milk for hair. Healthy Shine ", Nivea

Shampoo-care for dull and weakened hair “Milk for hair. Healthy Shine ", Nivea
Mother-of-pearl white color, recognizable aroma and pleasant texture, which is very convenient to apply to the hair – the shampoo is evenly distributed along the entire length, as if enveloping each hair. I like this feeling when you feel that all hair is covered in a product, as opposed to when the shampoo disappears when applied and it is unclear whether you have soaped your head well enough. The shampoo is washed off quickly, without leaving any unpleasant sensations like dryness at the roots or weight of the hair. Paired with balm makes hair silky and moisturized. As a result, we get clean hair with a healthy shine and a delicate aroma. What else do you need?

Gloss and Color Protection, Gliss KurElena Smirnova, editor of the sections "Health" and "Psychology":

Shampoo for colored and highlighted hair “Shine and Color Protection”, Gliss Kur
When washing your hair daily, you have to choose a shampoo very carefully so as not to dry your hair and maintain its vibrant shine and strength. In addition, if the hair is dyed and highlighted – the task is complicated at times. So the Gliss Kur shampoo exam was more than complicated.
However, the shampoo immediately located to itself – it is easily applied to the hair, foams well and rinses off quickly. After several days of using the shine “Shine and Color Protection”, I noticed: the hair seemed to be filled with vitality, colleagues in the October sunshine noted a beautiful shine. The remedy really deeply cares, gives a crystal shine. It's all about an innovative formula that accurately restores the hair structure, filling the damaged areas with liquid keratins identical to natural hair keratin.

Svetlana Demidova, chief editor of the site kiz.ru:Scalpfoods Detox Moisturizing, Clear

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dry and Sensitive Scalp Scalpfoods Detox Moisturizing, Clear
I got a Clear Detox Dandruff Shampoo for testing. I usually try not to use funds from those problems that I don’t have, and at first I didn’t really want to use it. In shampoos, it is always important for me that they do not wash out the color, it seemed to me that dandruff shampoo would be more aggressive in this regard. But no, the color remained in place! It is difficult to trace the effect on the hair, because I always combine it with masks and balms. It foams well, is easily washed off, does not weigh down the hair. Leave for permanent use.

Scalpfoods Detox Everyday, ClearAnastasia Koshelkina, editor of the site kiz.ru:

Anti-dandruff shampoo for normal to oily scalp Scalpfoods Detox “Daily”, Clear
This time, Clear shampoo against dandruff with the detox effect for daily use came to me for testing. It is worth noting that I do not use shampoo daily, but still wash my hair about four times a week, and even in combination with a hairdryer. Therefore, it is important for me that the hair is not damaged and maintain smoothness. What immediately surprised me in this product was that it foams very much and quickly spreads through my hair. I think this effect gives laureth sulfate in the composition. The shampoo smells pretty bright. If you do not want your hair to be the main source of aroma, then Clear detox shampoo is not suitable for you. The foam is washed out of the hair for a long time, however, if you are in a hurry, you can use shampoo without a balm, since it does not dry hair. It seemed to me that after this remedy the hair acquired a larger volume.

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