Pisces does not panic, but Aquarius falls in love: a horoscope for all signs from April 27 to May 3



Carefully listen to the advice of the stars – this will make the week productive and lead you to success both in business and in your personal life.


You will begin to let go of situations that caused mental discomfort. The general mental state will be energetic, now you are ready for change and achievement, so do not miss the chance.

Hard work will help get rid of love feelings, moreover, this week Aries attractiveness for the opposite sex is increasing. Take advantage of this.


The first half of the week promises to be difficult. You will feel the moral devastation, which will help to cope with love relationships. A good time for dating and undertakings, but do not give in to the first impulses.

The material component is vulnerable during this period, do not forget about the responsibilities and goals. Concentrate on work, perhaps you will lose dexterity and attention, which can result in a fatal mistake.


The beginning of the week is the best suited for career achievements, you will feel a surge of strength and energy, and the concentration will be as high as possible. Do not miss the opportunity to leave a good opinion about yourself both among your colleagues and your superiors.

There will be a need for physical activity, this will positively affect the emotional background. Start simple exercises in the morning to increase overall productivity.


You will feel a special surge of strength, there will be an opportunity to get rid of obsessive thoughts and the bitterness of past grievances. Energy should be directed to self-development and healthy egoism. Helping others is good, but it's time to take care of yourself.

Finances should be distributed in your favor, invest in repairs, purchase of clothes and home improvement.

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A very romantic week – this attitude will help to cope with apathy. Communication will give a positive boost of energy, so do not miss the opportunity to talk with loved ones. Try to make contacts, go with the flow, get people to you.

Unexpected acquaintances at the end of the week can play into your hands in a business aspect, especially for representatives of creative professions.


You really want silence and loneliness. Devote this time to self-development and explain your position to loved ones, so as not to spoil the relationship.

At the end of the week, you don’t really want to devote time to work, but you can’t put things off for later. Overcome yourself, but it will pay off with success. Do not forget about a healthy sleep, the regimen will help to stay afloat.


Fortune will turn to face you, but it is worth hoping first of all on your own strength. Special support will be from the second half, while the opposite sex will also require mutual attention in their favor. A good time to devote it to yourself: find a hobby, meet new people, do beauty treatments.


This week, many will face serious financial difficulties. Now is not the best time for big purchases, you have to start saving. There may also be problems at work, competition will increase both in the business aspect and in personal life.

Be careful in conversations about the innermost and do not share information. Tune in to communicate with your family, now is the time to build relationships with loved ones and keep in touch with them.


Get rid of excess, especially with bad habits. This will literally turn your life upside down, help win over others and take you to a new level of development.

Difficulties lie in wait at the end of the week, this concerns the financial aspect. The mood can be spoiled due to unplanned expenses. This is a temporary phenomenon, it should be treated easier, do not give up and continue to work.


You will have the opportunity to put life in order and finish the job. You will spend this period with your close ones, they will provide support and help in your endeavors. But you need to be more careful, be active in building relationships.

At the beginning of the week, it is better not to change the place of work and not to move, the head will be occupied with personal problems, which will affect the constructiveness of actions.


You will feel the onset of spring – there will be romance and love around. From the opposite sex you will be surrounded by attention, but be picky.

If you have accumulated open financial issues or have problems at work, you should not waste time on entertainment. This week, everything should be taken more seriously and not relax.


It's time to work on your emotions, it will be quite difficult to control yourself this week. This will affect both personal life and the working aspect, so do not give vent to temperament.

If possible, try to make concessions, this will reduce the likelihood of serious conflicts. Do not make difficult decisions – you are unlikely to be able to assess the situation rationally.


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