Libra will fall in love, Scorpios will get rich: horoscope for all signs from May 11 to 17



This week surprises await everyone (and all are pleasant). Listen to the advice of stars and tune in to positive: the best is to come.


For Aries, a period of uncertainty sets in. This week you may encounter a number of situations that require a lot of thought.

It will be necessary to bring something to the end, to review some situations, to return to the past. Everything that will pull you back indicates incompleteness and understatement. Particular attention should be paid to health; chronic diseases may worsen.


The week promises to be very hot. Venus is your main planet, located in the sign of Aries. Try to talk with your partner about feelings, about emotions. Personal life will be in full swing, and the business aspect will be rather shaky.

What to pay more attention to is up to you, but now it is extremely important to take the material component of life seriously.


The week will be connected with emotions and support. You realize how important family and support for loved ones is to you.

Your position will not be connected with business and work, but with close relationships. This is not the best time to take loans and take risks.


Successfully will be the case, which you relate to the soul. It can be business or creativity. The forces that you put into the work will pay off in the future.

There will be a lot of inspiration, devote time to your old dreams, this week you can succeed in all your endeavors.

a lion

You will reach a new level, there will be many forces and opportunities. Nearby will be people who can help with word and deed.

At the end of the week, laziness will become the main obstacle – problems may appear at work. Do not turn off the operating mode.


You will worry a lot – it will be difficult to concentrate on work and business, you can stop thinking rationally.

Perhaps this month will give you something new, something that you lacked for peace of mind. Try not to succumb to provocations and not be too sensitive.


At the beginning of the week, it is very important to pay enough attention to personal relationships. New experiences and feelings will completely capture and brighten up gray everyday life. The middle of the week carries many adventures, you will encounter your own perseverance, do not let convictions ruin relations with others.


You will find interesting opportunities for extra income in the middle and at the end of the week. The beginning promises to be calm, direct energy to work.

The efforts you make will significantly improve your financial situation – do not miss your luck.


This week you are aware of your real needs, you will be able to correctly analyze situations and solutions to problems both at home and at work. Do not try to dig too deep, trust the inner sensations. The main emphasis must be placed on the area where you managed to accumulate more problems.


The week for Aquarius is full of new acquaintances and adventures. It is worth waiting for unexpected, bright events that have fallen on his head. Focus on intuitive, emotional communication. You will find yourself in a stream of dreams and comfort, embody these emotions in the context of creativity and relationships.


Pisces will be amazingly lucky in love. Lonely representatives of the sign will be able to meet someone who will attract your attention. Accept the point of view of relatives, compromise, this week all conflicts within the family must be reduced to zero in order to open up to happiness and harmony.


Saona, Tarologist and Psychologist

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