Leos should not conflict, and Aquarius take risks: a horoscope for all signs from May 18 to May 24



Each sign is waiting for a very busy week. It is important to listen to the advice of the stars and use all the possibilities that fate gives.


This week, days will be replaced by failures and luck, it may seem that strength is running out, you want to relax and abstract.

You can unwittingly become a member of the love triangle and other intrigues related to the opposite sex. Keep your mind clear and always ask yourself if you need such a relationship.


The week will be quite stressful financially. Starting on Monday, you should save money and not make rash expenses. A good period for career achievements.

You will feel the flow of energy, it must be developed and used productively. But do not overload – calculate strength and pay attention to the general physical condition.


You have to think about family relationships. Work will not strain this week – you will have free time to focus on a partner.

The main thing is not to be lazy and not to fall into apathy, even if you really want to lie under the covers and close yourself from the outside world.


A week is worth devoting to analyzing and correcting the mistakes of the past. Think about what led you to failures in work and personal life.

Be discreet and discreet. Cultivate yourself to start the week with the right vector. Do not step on the same rake, even if the opportunity seems tempting.

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You will be loaded throughout the week. Most cases will relate to work, but not without household chores. Material condition can be shaken by unplanned expenses associated with the arrangement of housing.

In a fit of emotions, you should not go to conflicts with loved ones, they can end more seriously than a domestic quarrel.


You need a reboot: devote more time to yourself, relax, treat yourself to pleasant purchases. It is necessary to focus on unresolved problems at work, finish all the things that have long been put off.

Spend more time with your family – this will give self-confidence and help calm down.


Do not make hasty decisions and evaluate soberly the actions of other people. Libra can be at the center of a serious conflict, especially at the beginning of the week. Sort out jealousy and excessive emotionality so as not to spoil relationships with others.


At the beginning of the week you will want to relax, setting aside all your work and responsibilities. Do not succumb to laziness, increase the pace of implementation of the goals.

This is a favorable time for personal growth, do not miss the moment to start a new page in your life. Think of the first day of the week as that Monday, when everything should change.


There will be a lot of positive energy around – use it to solve problems that have long been worrying. Direct all forces in the right direction and try not to go with the flow.

Devote the second half of the week to family relationships.


Engage in work – your suggestions and initiatives will help achieve leadership location, this will be good soil for improvement. Misunderstanding may arise in the family, especially in relationships with younger children.

Do not try to impose your point of view – you will not be heard anyway, and you will waste a lot of energy. If you control emotions, success with the opposite sex is guaranteed.


You will be visited by inspiration, but it will also push you to thoughtless actions. Be serious – even routine will be a joy.

The period will be favorable for establishing old contacts, it is worth remembering friends and relatives with whom you have not communicated for a long time.


Wait for gifts of fate – unexpected business offers may appear, you will be able to leave your boring job. You will find romance, especially if you are single (the second half is already somewhere nearby).


Clairvoyant Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova

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