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How to organize a wardrobe of dreams: 5 rules

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 9th October 2019

Oh, this Carrie Bradshaw, who in the mid-2000s convinced all the girls in the world that they certainly needed a dressing room, and certainly such a wow! We go there: a lot of light and mirrors, and things hang in shades and lengths, hundreds of retractable shelves with accessories and more shoes, sandals, ankle boots … But let's get back to real life. Probably, even if there is a dressing room in your house, then it is a little different than in films. However, it is in our power to bring it closer to the ideal. For example, you can apply the advice of a professional organizer of space and the head of the school "Time of Order" Alsu Mukhamedshina.

Alsu Mukhamedshin

1. Get rid of the load of unnecessary and boring things. The first and most important point. Surely in the bowels of the dressing room is stored clothing that is no longer suitable in size, has gone out of fashion, has lost its appearance or is simply tired. There is nothing to regret or feel guilty. You can donate it to charity funds, sell it or donate it to those who need it. In the closet and in the shower it will immediately become easier.

2. Zoning and categorization. Now let's work on what's left. Sort things into categories and purposes. So you will always know where the underwear, and where the jeans. Where is the outlet, and where is everyday. Men will especially appreciate the new orders, as they are usually very helpless in dressing rooms. Above all, do not forget to sign or mark the storage systems, what lies where.

3. Reasonable consumption and “air” on the shelves. This item is not entirely about the organization of space, but for beauty in the closet is very important. Think over your wardrobe, do not buy random things. Let them be few, but working for all 100! And when there is space, “air” between the hangers and on the shelves, then the visual perception is completely different. If you pay attention, in the photo in fashion magazines there is never a thing overload.


4. Organizers and hangers in a single style. The item that will certainly add a wow effect to your dressing room. Allocate funds and time, buy the same hangers (you will understand the exact number after rasliming), hang them in one direction – voila! Already a different look. Organizers, baskets and storage boxes from one collection will add gloss to your interior. The stores now have a choice for every taste and budget, but if you are not sure, it is better to take neutral colors: beige, white, black or brown.

5. The principle of proximity. What is often used is closer. What is rare is higher and further away. Once a season, be sure to sort things out (at the same time and additionally get rid of excess), put them in separate wardrobe trunks, so as not to interfere with the main wardrobe for this time. If it is difficult to immediately figure out where and what to place, you can draw a plan of the dressing room by hand. Bring all storage compartments, rods and shelves there. Next, you need to figure out how many things there are and which ones are often used, which ones are not. This way you do not have to shift the same thing over and over again.

The wardrobe of dreams is not a picture for a magazine, but a comfortable and understandable space for your things. Make her like that, and even Carrie Bradshaw will envy.

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