Health horoscope for all signs from May 4 to 10: go to the gynecologist and start a massage course



Well-being largely depends on the influence of the stars – it is worth listening to correctly redistribute energy and not go against the natural biorhythms.

This week until May 7, the Moon continues to grow, which will contribute to vigor, activity and efficiency.

Try to breathe fresh air (to the best of your ability).

Do not forget about physical activity – good endurance will allow you to build muscle and strengthen muscles.

Until May 7, priority is given to nourishing skin and hair care.

This week is not as “aggressive” as the past, we can exhale and be more productive while continuing to take care of ourselves. The sun in Taurus suggests spring renewal.

But asthmatics, allergy sufferers and people who have problems with the respiratory system need to be attentive to their health, especially at the beginning of the week.

Since May 8, the waning moon will set the body to cleansing. Switch to a light diet, make a fasting day.

From May 8 to 11 – favorable days for surgical gynecological interventions and thyroid surgery, if you were planning an operation. From May 13, Venus will begin the retrograde period, it is better to refrain from operations, if this is not an emergency.

Prevention and treatment of gynecology, thyroid gland, genitourinary system, throat diseases will be relevant until May 20.

The week is favorable in order to begin to master eastern practices and make them part of the lifestyle – this will have a beneficial effect on the state of health until the end of the year.

May 4th

Feminine energies of the day have a visit to a gynecologist and treatment of the genitourinary system as a whole. Skin care will be effective, make nourishing and moisturizing masks. Start treatment for dermatitis, eczema, if the problem has been bothering for a long time – there will be chances to solve it.

5 May

The best day to go to the gynecologist and make a scalp to start the process of renewal and hair growth.

the 6th of May

On the eve of the Full Moon, fluid retention in the body may occur, there is a chance of contracting a viral infection. High stress can provoke headaches and spasms of blood vessels, can aggravate diseases of the genitourinary system.

It is better to avoid planned operations in order to be safe from an unforeseen set of circumstances, expressed bleeding. Overeating today is especially undesirable – excess weight may appear, which will be difficult to get rid of.

May 7th

Today the Full Moon – people with allergies, asthma and low immunity need to be especially attentive to their health.

Familiar and long-known masks today very effectively moisturize and nourish the skin today, harmoniously promises to lie down and familiar and familiar hair coloring, but more radical interventions in cosmetology risk provoking swelling.

May 8th

An ideal day for elective surgeries, especially the chest, thyroid, and urogenital system. For the benefit of the joints, it is favorable to begin hip stretching exercises, massages and anti-cellulite programs.

May 9

For the infection of acute respiratory viral infections today is one of the most elevated dangerous days, which warns us from visiting crowded places. When carrying out care procedures, taking new drugs and chemicals, one needs to take into account the increased allergy threshold. The day has a visit to the bath – the body will cleanse inside and out.

May 10

Today is a very harmonious day for the prevention and treatment of teeth, skin diseases, massages and the beginning of face-building exercises to strengthen facial muscles and lymphatic drainage effect. Make mineral baths for nails to strengthen the plate.

Victoria Gitkis

Victoria Gitkis, astrologer.

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