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Even faster: what you need to know about the fast beauty trend

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 6th October 2019

The assortment on the shelves of cosmetic stores is changing at the speed of light. And this is not surprising: in the beauty industry, the Fast Beauty movement is gaining momentum, in which everything is put on stream. How not to become hostages of this race for customers, and does demand really create supply in this case?

5_400.jpgIt's no secret that the beauty industry is primarily a business. Of course, behind each new serum or shadows there are years of development and dozens of laboratory tests, but the ultimate goal of releasing any product is high sales. To go against the system in this case is simply unrealistic, because we live in a consumer society – the desire to buy is inherent in us not only instinctively, but also due to necessity. This is what cosmetic brands use, who want to not only sell more money, but also do it as quickly as possible.

Thirst for new experiences

Perhaps today you can hardly find a person who has only one fragrance in his collection. Perfumes are generally considered one of the most successful categories on the market: according to MarketResearch.com, more than 1 million bottles were sold worldwide in 2018, which together enriched brands by $ 41,043,600. It is interesting how much this figure will grow by the end of 2019 th?

When buying a new perfume, we pay primarily for the mood. It is difficult to imagine a more impulsive purchase: first you listen to the aroma from a blotter, you are mentally transported somewhere far away beautiful, put it on your skin – and after five seconds you are already at the checkout. Whether such an acquisition turned out to be successful or not, time usually shows. But keep in mind that in our country, any cosmetic products are not subject to exchange and return. Therefore, even the most eminent perfumers are advised to make several approaches to the fragrance before settling it in their collection.

Idea conveyor

Borrowing technology is a normal practice in the beauty industry. It greatly speeds up the product launch process and facilitates its positioning. But it’s one thing when formulas roam within the framework of one concern (as, for example, often happens in L'Oreal or Estee Lauder), and it’s quite another when direct competitors try to profit from other people's designs. A vivid example is the famous Clinique Chubby Sticks, which the brand did not manage to patent. When the product became a top-selling best seller, similar variations instantly appeared in Revlon, Pupa, Be-Yu, IsaDora and many others.

Often in the seasonal makeup collections you can see the same shades – this just does not have any malicious intent. As a rule, when choosing a color palette, beauty giants are inspired by fashion trends. And fashion houses about relevant textures and decor elements are informed by special international agencies that predict (and, you can say, set) trends.

Marie Novosad.jpgGoals and means

The realities of the cosmetic market are such that the cheaper and more professional the product, the better it sells. This largely explains the success of brands such as Nyx and Color Pop – many of their products are not inferior in quality to the same MAC and Make Up For Ever, and the price tag is several times lower, which especially bribes young people who only master the skills of makeup on rollers on YouTube.

But the massive interest in these brands contributes to the fact that new items do not lie on the shelves for a long time and are quickly removed from the assortment. Therefore, the followers of the fast beauty trend have to constantly surprise customers with something and win the hearts of a rapidly growing young audience.

Success in working with millennials was especially distinguished by Benefit. In addition to the bright packaging and the ironic slogan “Laughter is the best cosmetics”, the brand is famous for its branded brow bars, in which you can get the perfect arch of eyebrows in just 15 minutes! Urban Decay is not inferior in creativity either: on the occasion of the launch of the Naked Cherry palette, the brand arranged a photo shoot for 100 influencers, and then used their images as advertising images in their stores.

Because it's beautiful

An important role in the beauty industry today is played by product design. Beauty giants do not skimp on the implementation of creative ideas and attract eminent architects and illustrators to develop new bottles. The Kenzo brand at one time worked closely with Karim Rashid, who designed over 3,000 concepts for industrial products, and for the new season released stylish neoprene covers for his fragrances.

Good effect on sales and various "drawn stories". For example, the packaging of each tube of Percy & Reed brand products depicts a stylish girl with hair, and these are not just fictional heroines, each illustration is based on the prototypes of the favorite clients of the brand’s founders Paul and Adam, among them the wife of one of them, model Sophie Dahl, and gloss editors. The HFC perfumery house uses the same chip.


One day

With the popularization of dubious Instagram ads, the so-called one-day brands have flooded the Internet. Just recall the story with black masks that every second blogger advertised in his home. At first they were released under the Black Mask brand, which disappeared from the radar after the first profit. Then there were dozens of other brands with similar names in similar packaging, which also could not stand the test of fame. What is it – massive business disruptions or a trap for buyers?

It is definitely impossible to answer this question. To do this, you need to study the compositions and get acquainted with the process of production of funds. But the problem is that these brands burn out as quickly as they appear, so the hands of experienced experts simply do not have time to reach them. What to do in this situation? Be extremely careful and prudent when meeting with no name companies. Oddly enough, Google works best here – with its help you can even find out such important details as the factory where the brand produces its products. As they say, trust, but verify.

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