Dreams come true for Pisces, Taurus has a financial situation: the horoscope for all signs from May 4 to 10



Because of quarantine, life does not stand still – be active to succeed. Stars will tell you exactly what to do.


You will have to be active and work hard to achieve the desired result. Get in tone at the beginning of the week and be ready to prove yourself at any time. If any intrigues arise around you, listen to your inner voice and be alert.


During this week, all your attention will be focused on issues related to finance – it is important to take everything into account and think through to the smallest detail, then things will go uphill. Relatives and friends will help with advice, but the final choice is yours.


Speak less and do more. Do not talk about your plans so that no one can interfere with you. The more efforts you make, the better the result. At the weekend, try to spend with your beloved people.


Do not forget about prudence and maintain inner balance. Appreciate and use what you have, be grateful to any gifts of fate, and also be tolerant and attentive to relatives. Weekend events give hope – it's time to make plans for the future.

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Quite a hectic, fussy period. First of all, do your duties, urgent problems, postpone the rest for now. Do not criticize other people, think about yourself.


Take your time and don't panic if something goes wrong as you planned. Analyze the situation – it will save time and effort. Weekend devote to active relaxation and care about your health.


Good week to implement new ideas. The favor of the authorities and colleagues is provided to you, the main thing is not to sit back. In relations with loved ones, keep an eye on words and statements – they can offend.


The week will be eventful – you will understand what you really want. Do not procrastinate: make a clear plan and take action. This is a favorable period for the realization of all desires (opportunities will appear themselves if you make an effort).


Do not try to solve all the problems at once, do not take on something grand and unbearable. Define one thing and do not get distracted by extraneous matters.


The week promises various worries and not always pleasant surprises. Respond less to news and words of strangers, trust intuition more and make independent decisions.


There will be a lot of work, and in different areas. Try to keep your capabilities in line with your plans. Learn to uphold your interests and say no. At the weekend, try to get out of town – this will help restore strength and peace of mind.


This week, all dreams will come true. You can do a lot if you have a desire. Relatives will certainly help and support. At the weekend, engage in the arrangement or repair of housing.


Astrologer Galina Yanko

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