Do not get infected with ARVI and start playing sports: a health horoscope for all zodiac signs from April 29 to May 3



To always stay beautiful and healthy, it is important to listen to the moon biorhythms – they will tell you how to make personal care and health care as effective as possible.

During the week, cardiovascular, neurological diseases will worsen, especially at the beginning.

Nervous spasms can trigger an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Be careful, relax more, avoid stressful situations.

There is a tendency to exacerbation of spasms of the respiratory system, chronic asthma.

The growing moon acts as a catalyst, causing insomnia. Ventilate the premises thoroughly, do breathing exercises.

Exercise cardio loads, do sets of exercises for stretching and flexibility.

Vitamin complexes will be absorbed fully.

April 29th

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic today is one of the days when you need to be more careful and careful in public places, so as not to get infected with any type of SARS. In care, pay attention to the chest area – strengthen it with physical exercises, do self-massage.

April 30

A busy day for health: continuing cramping may occur, especially of the cardiovascular system. The emotional response to everything will be especially enhanced, it will not be easy to calm down, insomnia and headaches may begin. Watch your breath.

The 1 of May

Today, for well-being, it is important to emotionally engage in your favorite business. Sports loads will charge with optimism and vivacity.

Day conducive to massages, facials, body. Hair treatments will help them recover.

May 2

Today is an ideal day for the prevention and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, the study and implementation of traditional and alternative medicine care methods, the transition to proper nutrition, enrichment of the diet with natural products.

May 3

Another dangerous day for viral infections, which are more prone to water signs of the zodiac. Take care of your health. If you were going to the doctor, the prescribed treatment will be effective, and the diagnosis will be accurate. Use organic cosmetics and refuse hard scrubs and peels.

Victoria Gitkis

Victoria Gitkis, astrologer.

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