Beware of viruses and nerves: a horoscope of health for all signs from May 11 to 17



The tension that everyone has felt over the past few months will begin to weaken. Exhale – the system will become calmer, sleep will improve, chronic diseases will cease to worsen.

A waning moon will lead to a natural decrease in appetite. Do not force yourself to eat, listen to the body and give it the opportunity to cleanse itself. Natural abstinence in food, the transition to a lighter diet will help get rid of extra pounds without stress and strict diets.

Beauty industry is at a tipping point: Venus unfolds on May 13 and becomes retrograde until June 25. During this period, cardinal changes in appearance, and especially surgical plastic surgery without urgent need, are extremely undesirable. This can trigger exacerbations and the need for repeated interventions.

A cardinal change of image, even if it will be quite successful, can greatly disappoint – after the end of the retrograde period of Venus, you can regret it.

It is favorable to do pedicures, depilation in order to forget about the procedures for a long time – the effect will remain for a long time.

Successfully undergo bleaching of age spots on the skin, the fight against bruises under the eyes and spider veins, removal of various neoplasms on the skin.

If you are allergic, be careful – on May 15, 16 and 17, symptoms may worsen.

May 11th

Today, the skeletal system in many will require attention and prevention. On such a day, it is good to do a soft load and stretching to relax the cramps around the joints, to do massages. Very effective hardware anti-cellulite procedures.

12 May

There is a risk of catching a cold or a viral infection – stay at home whenever possible.

The day has to visit the bath, cleanse and renew the skin – do not forget about hydration and nutrition.

After lunch, do only the familiar procedures – the “idle moon” and the retrograde Venus will make your efforts be in vain and you will have to do everything anew.

may 13

Today the nervous system will be tense, insomnia will worsen, the heart will hurt – follow preventive measures. Increased trauma – you can inadvertently stretch your ligaments.

The pain threshold will be increased – do not do procedures that can bring discomfort.

May 14

Try to spend time in the air to the best of your ability. Do a relaxing massage – this will help bring the nervous system back to normal.

May 15

If you have the opportunity to swim, do not miss it – in addition to mild physical activity, you activate the lymph flow and improve well-being.

The susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections is again increased today, so it is better to avoid crowded places.

To make the manicure persistent, do not be lazy to take care of your hands. Use only proven methods of care, as the allergy threshold has been raised today.

16th of May

Another day when you need to guard against viruses and especially carefully observe the rules of hygiene. People with thyroid problems and metabolic diseases should be careful – there is a high probability of poor health.

The day disposes to recall various non-traditional methods of treatment: acupuncture, acupuncture massage. Take time to activate lymph flow with a dry brush massage or light warm-up.

May 17

A good day to visit a bath or sauna – it will restore strength, give vitality. Well-known deep peelings will also create the desired effect and start the renewal and regeneration of skin cells.

Spiritual practices and yoga will increase stamina and create inner harmony.

Victoria Gitkis

Victoria Gitkis, astrologer.

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