Beauty Quarantined Procedures: Astrological Forecast April 13-19



Quarantine is not a reason to refuse to take care of yourself. The stars will tell you on what day the procedures will be effective, which workouts to choose, and what is better to refuse, so as not to spoil everything.

This week Venus continues to be especially active in the beauty sphere: it's time to do online training, courses will bring results, and knowledge will be easily acquired. Home workouts will be easy and will help lose weight.

On the waning moon, it is better to do all kinds of cleansing care, high-quality pedicure, conduct anti-cellulite procedures, do lymphatic drainage massage with a dry brush; harmoniously promises to undergo an independent depilation, promising to maintain the result for a long time.

Staining will also be successful – the strands will be damaged less, the pigment will go away more easily (they ate decided to return the natural color).

Disposal of the vasculature, pigmentation and bruising under the eyes will also be relevant in the week.

April 13th

A very good and lasting result will bring depilation and pedicure. The study of self-treatment of acne and the use of masks for home care will be effective.

14th of April

If you have a bath, today it is worth going into it: skin cleansing will take place as softly and efficiently as possible outside and inside, while maintaining skin balance, not overdrying and maintaining moisture, giving firmness and elasticity. Soft peels will also be effective and beneficial. Abstinence in food will also benefit and help get rid of toxins.

April 15th

Today is one of the most difficult, categorical, annoying days. Highlight pigmentation, do procedures to combat stretch marks, venous nets and bruises under the eyes.

Try doing a stretching workout, especially for the hip area – this has a beneficial effect on joints and women's health.

April 16th

This is a wonderful day of sports, learning something new and useful for improving your figure, introducing new sports facilities, a favorable time for massage.

April 17th

Any home hardware cosmetic procedures (facial cleansing, electrical stimulation devices) will bring results and will be the least painful today.

Classes on a stationary bike and athletics will bring pleasure and help get rid of extra pounds.

April 18th

Today you want to make a very romantic and even dreamy look – it's time to learn new makeup techniques. Disassemble the makeup bag, order new beauty products online. If you go on a diet, the transition will be very smooth and psychologically comfortable. Facial peeling will add freshness and visually make you several years younger.

April 19th

The day is conducive to home care, spa procedures, and peelings. A very favorable time to take a bath with salt or various herbs that enhance the elimination of toxins from the skin and harmoniously affect the whole body.

If you have long wanted to start doing yoga, go live or watch videos on YouTube – even the first practice will help restore strength, energize and soothe the growing irritation.

Victoria Gitkis

Victoria Gitkis, astrologer.

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