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Anna Vatulina: "There is no 100% natural cosmetics!"

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 5th October 2019

Glass, pewter … WOODEN! To launch your cosmetic brand, you need to clearly think about its concept. The founders of the Elixir brand, Anna Vatulina and Yulia Smelova, had the idea to move away from eco-labeling standards and create an organic product according to the new rules.


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Anna Vatulina, founder of the Elixir brand and CEO of Elixir Cosmetics LLC

What did you do before you decided to launch your cosmetics brand?

I worked in marketing for about 15 years. In last place, she headed the marketing department at Au Pont Rouge, where she met and was inspired by Cosmotheca brands. Then the idea came up to make an equally worthy Russian product.

And Julia Smelova (co-founder of the brand. – Approx. Ed.) Is a doctor by education. She runs her own clinic in Moscow. Since 2015, she began to create creams for individual orders for her clients. For four years, a hobby has grown into a professional activity.

Where did the brand name come from?

I wanted something simple and understandable. Today, the cosmetic market is heavily overloaded, and we have chosen a minimalistic concept. Each cream has its own number, which determines its properties. For example, Elixir 103 – moisturizing for normal to dry skin, and Elixir 717 – for the hands. When developing new products, new numbers will simply appear in the cosmetic line.

What is the main feature of Elixir cosmetics?

In a unique formula that combines natural ingredients: oils, vitamins, waxes and innovative ingredients that optimize the skin's working regime. For example, sepilift stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, when the skin for age reasons began to reduce their production. Normaseb optimizes the production of sebum in a combination skin type – it reduces in oily areas and increases in dry areas.

The composition of your funds a lot of unusual and even unknown ingredients. Where do you get them from?

We use all the ingredients we use only from certified manufacturers around the world. Each component is carefully studied by our technologists and applied in accordance with its exceptional and beneficial skin properties.

You say that your cosmetics are as close as possible to the physiological composition of the skin. How is this “kinship" carried out?

We managed to achieve this due to phospholipids and fatty acids contained in oils, which are the building material for the lipid (protective) barrier. As well as the components of a natural moisturizing factor, that is, those that the skin itself produces.

Elixir products are 98% natural. And what is included in the remaining 2%?

There is no 100% natural cosmetics. If you see such an inscription on the packaging – do not believe it! Such funds are stored for no more than a month in the refrigerator and are unsafe. And of course, on the shelves you will not meet them. For a lighter and silky cream texture, we use capril methicone, it is an absolutely inert silicone, which occupies only 1% in our products. Or thickener glyceryl stearate, also 1% and absolute safety for the skin. As a preservative, we use magnolia bark extract, which is of natural origin.

You pay great attention to packaging. It consists almost entirely of wood. Is it eco-friendly?

Yes of course! The unique packaging design combines modern technology, craftsmanship and local materials. Wooden blocks are created manually from illiquid oak planks. Packaging is designed taking into account the use of replaceable blocks, which allows to reduce the consumption of materials and save consumers. It fully protects the cream from light and air. Replaceable blocks are made of food grade plastic that must be completely recycled.

Tell us how is the process of testing new products?

We work immediately with several independent laboratories where Elixir passes the tests necessary to obtain test reports. On their basis issue certificates of conformity for products. Also, each batch produced passes thermal and microbiological tests. We pay special attention to testing, because we strive for really high quality and in the future we want to enter the European market.

How do you get inspired when creating products?

As I already mentioned, they were originally inspired by the brands that Cosmothès brought to Russia. We saw their brands and realized that truly high-quality and innovative cosmetics are not necessarily produced by huge cosmetic corporations. On the contrary, a conceptual approach to cosmetics is possible only for niche brands that do not set themselves the task of selling in large quantities through advertising campaigns, but want to find their own conscious audience who will really appreciate and love the product.

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