4 zodiac signs to be married in may



Do not miss your chance and wait for the offer – the forecast of the stars is more accurate than the caught bouquet at the girlfriend’s wedding.


This month, representatives of the sign have every chance to tie the knot with a partner. The main thing is to open up to new horizons, get rid of heavy thoughts and start thinking positively.

A spring mood will give an energy boost at the beginning of the month, but it is important for Gemini not to miss this moment, paying more attention to internal sensations. Activity will attract the opposite sex and lead you to the altar or a strong, lasting relationship.


This month, they will rethink existing relationships, the vector of communication in the union will become more serious, and Taurus will be ready for a new life stage.

Even if you are single, it will not be an obstacle. The ability to create strong and lasting relationships is especially likely in mid-May, although Taurus may experience internal conflicts at the beginning of the month.


Representatives of the sign in May will be serious and fully prepared for change. Stars talk about the possibility of starting a serious relationship, existing alliances will become stronger.

It is important to devote enough time to the second half for a month, not forgetting about caring for loved ones. New people in May will help Sagittarius to change their attitude to life and even radically change it for the better.


The most important events for you stars planned for the end of the month. In early May, life events will force the representatives of the sign to rethink a lot, perhaps the Scorpions will take themselves to a new level.

The end of May promises to be bright, and the love aspect will become the most important. You will need the support of a partner – this is a conflict-free and harmonious period that is perfect for marriage.


Saona, tarologist and psychologist

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