4 zodiac signs that can part with their halves this week



All changes are for the better. But it's good to be prepared in advance. Stars warn – your privacy is at stake.


At the beginning of the week, you may feel weakness and apathy – this will affect personal relationships. It is important to try to pull yourself together and solve problems as they arise. But do not forget about your soulmate, avoid conflicts and disputes.

Defend your point of view, avoiding recriminations, otherwise serious disagreement is possible.


The week will not be easy. It will be very boring, there will be an irresistible desire to change something in life. This can lead to impulsive actions, which you later regret.

Think a few times before making a decision. In a relationship you have to overcome a wall of misunderstanding, which will require wisdom and endurance.


Already at the beginning of the week you have to make a serious effort over yourself to get in tone and not give in to apathy, otherwise difficulties may arise both at work and at home.

In a relationship, be restrained and patient to prevent a breakdown with your soulmate. Joint sports and other practices to maintain health will be especially effective so that a long-awaited harmony comes into relationship.


This week you will be emotional and hot-tempered, because of which you can offend your soulmate. Control emotions and watch out for words to prevent a breakdown in relationships.

Toward the end of the week, expect a pleasant surprise – an unexpected meeting or an offer that is difficult to refuse (possibly from another person).


Saona, tarologist and psychologist

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