Day: October 5, 2019

Anna Vatulina: "There is no 100% natural cosmetics!"

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 5th October 2019

Glass, pewter … WOODEN! To launch your cosmetic brand, you need to clearly think about its concept. The founders of the Elixir brand, Anna Vatulina and Yulia Smelova, had the idea to move away from eco-labeling standards and create an organic product according to the new rules. Anna Vatulina, founder of the Elixir brand and […]

40 to 20: the stars that turned back the clock

By Edwin C. Reade! 0 Comment 5th October 2019

Some are sure that women are beautiful only at a young age, and then experience and wisdom come to the fore. However, these celebrities break stereotypes and prove by their own example that you can look luxurious at any age and the point here is not the amount of money or the quality of cosmetic […]